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PDAnet tablet Beta version for 3g VerizonSupport

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  1. rkuhn

    rkuhn Member


    I've got this installed on my droid 1st generation and my Archos 70. So I launch the server on my phone and the client on my Archos, set the network proxy and it shows my phone as being paired. So I tap on the Droid connection when it discovers it and a window pops up and tells me to set up my proxy again..and again...and again.

    That's as far as I can get. The phone and Archos 70 will not connect up. What am I doing wrong..can anyone help Please....

    I've tried to Tether the phone and Archos 70 with a USB connection and that doesn't work either...

    I need 3g...Does anybody elso have any programs that will get that with Verizon, 1st Generation Droid and the 70...


  2. topbloke

    topbloke New Member

    Not going to help you here rkuhn as I have exactly the same problem with my Archos 10.1. tried uninstalling and reinstalling, reboot the tablet and still the same thing " Please go to Step 1 and set Proxy!
    Has anyone got a fix for this??

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