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  1. I'm using PDANet for my computer at my fire company and my question is if I connect to the wireless through my phone and use wired tether, is my computer using the 3G off my phone or the wireless to connect to the internet, I have unlimited data so it doesn't really matter, I'm just curious as to if it is using data?

  2. bbshopper

    bbshopper New Member

    Not quite sure what you mean? Is your phone connected to the wireless at work but your PC has no wireless, so you use PDAnet and a USB cable to get internet that way? If so, you are using your wireless and not your 3G data. Why not get a USB wireless modem for your PC ($10), and save the phone for other stuff......
  3. rottenpixies

    rottenpixies Well-Known Member

    You are using your phones data plan internet to tether to your computer. If you are connecting to wifi with your phone, than you wouldn't tether the wifi to your phone, than to your computer... you would just use the wifi.

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