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  1. jmckins

    jmckins Well-Known Member


    Has anyone tried this app? I want to use my phone a mobile hotpsot. I would not mind rooting my phone and using wirless tether but its says it requires a kernal and lord knows I have no clue what that is. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. NOsquid

    NOsquid Well-Known Member

    haven't used pda, many have, but anyway I believe it's a usb tether not wireless, and with the free version you can't view https secure sites
  3. jmckins

    jmckins Well-Known Member

    what is a kernal?
  4. NOsquid

    NOsquid Well-Known Member

    Some fancy part of the phone software, I think stock kernel will work for tether though, seems like lots of people root for that
  5. jmckins

    jmckins Well-Known Member

    Alright thanks for the response. I think I will root phone and see what happens. Its a little scary for me though
  6. NOsquid

    NOsquid Well-Known Member

    Do the tried and true stuff in the stickies, no new fangled one click root from the market IMO
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  7. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

  8. jmckins

    jmckins Well-Known Member

    Yeah I was going to root per Frisco's instructions. This should work right?
  9. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    yes :)
  10. jmckins

    jmckins Well-Known Member

    One question...when I plug my phone after enabling the debugging the instruction says to download the attached files. Does this mean to my computer? I am a little confused by this? Keep in mind I have not worked the courage up to plug my phone in and this could be self explanatory once I do?
  11. seanatsb

    seanatsb Well-Known Member

    My SF is just rooted, with nothing else done to it. Wireless tether works great. If your computer happens to not connect, you might need to update your wireless drivers on your computer. I had to do that both to a computer running xp, and a computer running windows 7
  12. jmckins

    jmckins Well-Known Member

    So all I do is downlaod the driver, enable debugging, and then plug phone in and it roots?
  13. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    once you have the drivers installed and extracted the root files you plug your phone in and run the do_root or start root (cant remember) and it will automatically do it for you. it may take a 2nd attempt (but shouldnt)
  14. jmckins

    jmckins Well-Known Member

    Where do I extract the root files from? Sorry I suck at this kind of stuff.
  15. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    dont worry :)

    basically just unzip the file to somewhere on ur desktop with winzip or 7zip or something. then locate the xxx_root file (whatever its called) and then click that.
  16. Miky1

    Miky1 New Member

    I use PDA on my stock Fascinate all the time. It works great. I'm thinking of canceling my hot spot plan and just use the tether under Verizon's radar.
  17. bcnu53

    bcnu53 Active Member

    I have used PDA and it worked well for me. it is a usb connection and the free version will not let you go to secure sites, but all in all it worked well for me
    I am using wireless now
    thanks to the help from many on this forum
  18. fegriffith

    fegriffith Well-Known Member

    I was rooted and then my company must have somehow "scanned" my phone and determined it was rooted and booted me off the Good server. So I had to unroot. I was missing wireless tether til I found a solution that does not require root but it DOES require some bravery and writing to your phone.

    It was originally posted over at XDA...and I think Android Central as well.

    1) Download/install QPST (google it)
    2) Put phone in modem mode (Settings, Wireless, Enable Dial Up)
    3) Run QPST Configuration on your computer
    4) Add the port if it doesn't show up (go to Ports then click on Add New Port. Uncheck "Show Serial and USB/QC Diagnostic Ports Only". When you see your phone you can add it).
    5) Once you see your phone in QPST go to the Menu, Start service programming.
    6) Click "read from phone" (password is 000000)
    7) Tab over to M.IP
    8) Change the profile 1 under M.IP to enable and change tethered NAI to number@vzw3g.com.
    9) Change the profile 0 from number@dun.vzw3g.com to number@vzw3g.com (just like for profile 1).
    10) Click "write to phone"

    Phone will reboot.

    Be sure to turn modem mode off after the reboot or data will not work (Settings, Wireless, uncheck Enable Dial Up).

    Use the Verizon Mobile Hotspot program to access wireless tether.

    Please folks...be very careful and don't use obscene amounts of data (or else you run the risk of being detected). And I am not responsible for anything you may or may not do to bork your phone. This worked for me following the instructions I just posted. It was the perfect solution since I really only rooted to have the wireless tether.

    And as an FYI, wireless tether will not connect to a computer with a static IP address.

    And to be a bit more on topic...EasyTether is another program that you can use for tethering via USB and it's $9.95 (so less expensive than PDANet).
  19. zaphodbebleebrox

    zaphodbebleebrox Well-Known Member

    i use usb PDA to "borrow" some wifi thats in my building. was on sale for $14.95 which persuaded me to go ahead and purchase it. Looked at EasyT but went with PDA. Works
    surprisingly well.

    can watch netflix, youtube flicker free on my 2016 Quadrant score Fascinate.
  20. fegriffith

    fegriffith Well-Known Member

    So you pick up the wifi signal on your Fascinate and then plug in via USB to your computer and have connection that way? Interesting...never thought of feeding another computer a wifi connection but then again our household is all laptops with wifi built in so I would go straight to the source.

    As far as using unlocked private networks...not a good idea. You can get into trouble if caught and streaming Netflix etc. is not exactly flying under the radar. That type of activity is higher traffic.
  21. zaphodbebleebrox

    zaphodbebleebrox Well-Known Member

    yea, my Fascinate is my communications driver. the wifi is a utility monitoring
    of some B.S. "water usage" system. there are only 8 apts here so i know they dont have a traffic monitoring system. at least iam betting on it. i never use anything else.
  22. fegriffith

    fegriffith Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a "good deal". I just felt compelled to throw the warning out. Not saying I wouldn't be doing the same thing...given that you mentioned it isn't actually your neighbor's wifi. Not that that makes it different...well, never mind. You get my drift. ;)
  23. zaphodbebleebrox

    zaphodbebleebrox Well-Known Member

    since only 3 units are occupied I used my phone to trace the signal. its coming from some utility closet. they have this hokey water usage system hooked to the water heaters so i feel like iam paying for it one way or another. might as well hitch a ride.
  24. Skang

    Skang Well-Known Member

    I only used PDAnet for tethering.

    I love it, simple to use.

    I just paid $15 for full access. (Sale now!)

    For me i think it's worth it. Since i do not want root my phone, because of my computer skills.:D

    Am i the only fool that has paid version.lol
  25. zaphodbebleebrox

    zaphodbebleebrox Well-Known Member

    Good value for 15 bucks. I got the paid version.

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