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pdf doc viewer - full screen, invert colors

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  1. morgun

    morgun New Member

    Hi I am looking for pdf viewer and doc viewer(no need to be in one application)
    which can show full screen and invert colors. Invert colors for comfortable reading and saving battery. I preffer black background and white letters.

    I use cool reader for .txt files. Please advice me which reader can do this job. I tried several, but with no seccess. thinkfree office is fine, but it do not support full screen in its pdf viewer.


  2. ivlivs

    ivlivs New Member

  3. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Invert colors ... This is Night Mode with the readers.

    For PDF e.g. Mantano Reader, RepliGo Reader and ezPDF Reader can set it.

  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Inverting colors will only save battery if your screen is AMOLED. If your screen is an LCD type, more whites = less battery consumed.
  5. PhunkyDork

    PhunkyDork New Member

    WRONG. LCD crystals block the transmission of light until a voltage is applied. Both screen types benefit but OLED benefits more because of the economies of scale of one large light source compared to thousands of small sources.

    I found APV PDF viewer and it is the only app ive found that actually just inverts the RGB value of every pixel (not just rendering .txt files inverted)-its buggy though
  6. PhunkyDork

    PhunkyDork New Member


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