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  1. mrzz

    mrzz Member

    I have ICS running on my Nexus phone.

    I have downloaded a pdf file into /mnt/sdcard/myPdf/foo.pdf using a USB connection from my PC.
    How do I get access to foo.pdf from my home screen?

    I have installed Astro, have an astro icon on my home page, can use astro to navigate to the pdf on the sdcard, how do I move the pdf to a home page?

  2. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure about Astro, but in ES File Explorer, you can long press on the file, and select Shortcut. Then a shortcut will appear on your home screen. I'm sure the process is fairly similar in Astro.
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  3. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    It works differently in Astro. You can't do it through the app, but if you long press on the home screen and select 'shortcut' then select 'Astro' you can then navigate through an astro window to select the file you want to put on your homescreen.
  4. mrzz

    mrzz Member

    When I long press on the home screen i get:

    Choose wallpaper from:
    Gallery, Live Wallpapers, Wallpapers.

    That's it, no shortcut selection.
    I have Ice Cream Sandwich running on my Nexus.
  5. mrzz

    mrzz Member

    I ended up installing ES File Explorer and followed directions from Demache's post.
    All good now.
  6. comnut

    comnut Member

    It works in 'file manager' by rythm software too :)

    - long press the screen, then slide the icons along until you get 'shortcut'... unless that is a function of 'GO launcher' I have too... ????

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