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  1. DevilDogWyfe

    DevilDogWyfe New Member

    I just got my Rhyme a couple weeks ago, and completely new to smartphones. I'm getting the hang of the droid platform and constantly learning more as I go. So far, I like the phone, but we're still honeymooning at this point.
    My company provides instructions and information via .pdf documents. As I understand it, I should be able to simply tap the file name in my downloads list and open the pdf. However, the downloads are failing every time, and the only pdf that I can open is the very red instruction sheet on how to access the files on the phone.

    I've tried with the update installed to no avail, and uninstalled it, in hopes of it just being a glitch. Am I making missteps or is there an issue with my phone? And if this has been brought up elsewhere that I missed in my initial search, then a link to that remedy might be of use to me.

  2. DevilDogWyfe

    DevilDogWyfe New Member

    The other day I was tooling around on the phone rearranging things on my home screens etc, and modifying preferences. I have found that Adobe Reader does not show up in my list of apps anywhere on the phone.

    Any advice?
  3. DevilDogWyfe

    DevilDogWyfe New Member

    I called Verizon tech support and after troubleshooting, I was able to open a .pdf file attached to an email, which apparently was enough of a jump start for the app to function on the phone. I have since been tinkering and been able to download a variety of .pdf files from my company's website without having to email them all to myself at the computer, in order to open them on the phone.
  4. SilentSuicide

    SilentSuicide New Member

    I'm sure you have already discovered, going into the google search widget and typing in "adobe" would have brought it up for you.

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