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  1. oanhn

    oanhn New Member

    I had no issues saving and opening PDF files before this week.Now when I try to open a new PDF file the only options to open it is the web or HTML reader which of course doesn't work. Polaris office or adobe reader is not an option to open the file anymore. Any ideas?

  2. Jxx

    Jxx Member

    Open Adobe and then select the file from that.
  3. oanhn

    oanhn New Member

    There's no option to open a file manually from the PDF readers...that I know of. Did a tab update cause this probably?
  4. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    That smells like a need for a factory data reset following the last update.

    Dead wrong if things were fine after the update, or if it was messed up before the update, of course. ;)

    Back up first, if you plan to do the FDR. Be sure to clear cache and data on the affected apps prior to the update to lessen the likelihood of importing the problem back into the system when restoring from the update after the reset.

    Other option: (not usually as successful, but sometimes) is to simply clear cache and data on the affected apps and reboot the device, then test for the pdf issue.

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