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  1. Scottdroid

    Scottdroid Active Member

    So, you want to view pdf's or comics (cbr & cbz files) on your G1 but are a bit miffed due to lack of support for Android? Well be miffed no more (or at least not as miffed.)

    On your computer open the target pdf, goto File/Export/Image and select JPEG. It will ask you where you want to save it so save it somewhere and at a good quality. For this trial I save at Medium and the text still shows up nice and crisp on the G1's screen. Also, name the folder you saved them to the name of the book or whatever.

    Take your Folder full of exported JPEGs and transfer them to your G1's SD card and that's the hard part on the technical side of things.

    Now disconnect your G1 from your computer (or replace your SD Card if you took it out to connect it to your computer) and open you Picture Viewer app. and you'll find a gallery named after your folder and open. It may be in reverse page order but you can change that in settings on your G1 by hitting Menu.

    It works the same way for comics too. If your comic viewer on your computer doesn't have a decent export function you can just rename the file extension and unzip or unrar (cbz = zip, cbr = rar) and again, rename folder drag and drop, walla~

    Hope that helps with some people's problems.

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  2. drustvold

    drustvold Well-Known Member

    While this works for stuff you already have, it dosn't work if its something you're viewing over the internet or get in an email. It also defeats the reason for having PDS's which is a compressed file size.
  3. Scottdroid

    Scottdroid Active Member

    You're Absolutely correct. But unless I learn java and get some inside info from Adobe, I couldn't figure out a way to at least view the things I wanted on my G1.
  4. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Well-Known Member

    If they get flash working on the browser, you can always upload files to acrobat.com...it has a pdf viewer and is free.
  5. drustvold

    drustvold Well-Known Member

    *looks sternly at Adobe* Hurry up already!
  6. gumbottoms

    gumbottoms Member

    thanks soo much for this scottdroid.
  7. gumbottoms

    gumbottoms Member

    what program are u viewing your pdf files witth. i have acrobat 8 and i dont have the option to export/view image. also how do u change the extensions
  8. Vivid

    Vivid Well-Known Member

    lack of PDF support is a PITA as nearly all my work communications are done in PDF
  9. Flatman

    Flatman Well-Known Member

    Just <save as> .jpg :)
  10. Scottdroid

    Scottdroid Active Member

    Sorry, I did this on Acrobat Pro 9. If you have a mac, Flatman's suggestion works in the Preview.app. I'm pouring over acrobat reader 8 on my copy of windows and damnit, I can't seem to get any sort of jpg export feature from it.

    N3TWORK BURN3R Well-Known Member

    ROFL @ "Miffed"
  12. tpkoons

    tpkoons Member

    so I was just surfing and I came across

    and to my surprise it says you can view PDF files and word docs that are attached to email. Well I did what any curious person would do. I emailed a PDF to myself and would you believe it...it opened and I could read it! What gives? It seems the OS has native PDF reading ability but doesn't have a direct way to access it. Or is it rendered remotely and displayed on the phone in some other format. Anyway give it a shot
  13. TheLineUp

    TheLineUp Member

    WOW... thank you .. but i could only see it view WORD in the doc by switch it to HTML reader, but no pic, most of my teacher PDF file is PICTURE scan.... >.< ... help . and no edit
  14. Scottdroid

    Scottdroid Active Member

    i just sent an email to my regular imap account. The attachment shows up, but there is no way to open or save it. I then resent it to my gmail addy and I was able to preview it, no problem. Awesome. Bummer about pictures.
  15. kemperflow

    kemperflow New Member

    IMAP doesn't work, the gmail mail account must be doing a server conversion to display through the phone.

    Found a solution though. Slightly clunky, but not awful:


    Essentially, forward the email with the PDF attachment to pdf2html@adobe.com
    and they will respond with the PDF converted to HTML.

    I guess if you received them a lot, create an Exchang rule so that if you receive an attachment with pdf in the name, forward it to that email address. Semi-automatic conversion. The Iphone didn't have some basic features on launch either, so I imagine we'll see this stuff really quickly.
  16. eumura

    eumura New Member

  17. KStark

    KStark New Member

    I was unsatisfied with Adobe's converters. The Adobe's txt converter was useless and the html converter returned a zip file which was nearly as useless as the pdf I couldn't view in the first place... so I created my own pdf to png converter e-mail process.

    Just e-mail a PDF to pdftopng@omnipath.net

    It'll convert each page to a png and e-mail them back to you.

    Give it a try, feedback welcomed.

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