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PDF reader that comes with scroll and Page Up/Dwn buttonsGeneral

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  1. YoungMaco

    YoungMaco Member

    Hi All,

    Tried Polaris I think it is, that defaults to when you open a PDF file and all works ok, however I am after a reader that has page up and down buttons on screen at the very least. With Polaris you have to flick through the pages by dragging them with your finger. I would much rather tap on buttons than to drag the screen up and down.

    Can someone recommend such a reader.


  2. ThatTabGuy

    ThatTabGuy Well-Known Member

    I use Moon+ Reader. There are no "physical" buttons on the screen, just ghost ones. For example, you can tap Center Left or Center Right on the screen to turn the page over, respectively. And you can still turn the page the old fashioned way, by dragging.
  3. YoungMaco

    YoungMaco Member

    Thanks TTG,

    I will give it a try.

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