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  1. andi09

    andi09 New Member This Topic's Starter

    May 17, 2009
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    Hi,forgive me if thisa has been asked as i am new to this. I have a magic, i have a query with pdf . When i get an email, with an attatchment, i click on the android picbut nothing happens as i also click on the attatchment as well. But nothing happens. When i had a bberi, i installed repligo. You just went to menu , press open with repligo and it did the rest. Is there no such thing for the magic? I did install repligo and other apps but nothing doing. Surely there must be something that will be simple. Please bear in mind -i am not very techy! I am not on a google account , as i dont want to lose my email account(pop3)as is my work email. Also when i get emails with phone numbersw in text , sometimes i can high light the number and sometimes i cannot. Any ideas ? Many thanks Andi


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