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peculiar touch screen problemGeneral

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  1. shash27

    shash27 New Member


    My motorola defy[mb525 w\o motoblur] is six months old[so its under warranty].it has android 2.2.2;
    The phone is "not rooted" or anyway tampered.

    Now the problem i am facing are:

    1:both the touch screen and soft keys becomes "touch insensitive" frequently

    2:while watching videos in landscape mode, again the touch screen and soft keys becomes "touch insensitive" and sometimes the keyboard just appears and keys gets touch by itself.

    I have to each time off\on the power switch to get the touch back
    and there is no need of rebooting.

    to solve the problem i have done the following
    1:format the sd card
    2:cleared the cache partition
    3:did hard reset.
    but the problem is still there.

    Is this a software or hardware problem?
    Is the problem due to any apps directly installed from sd card?
    what should be done to solve it?

    appreciate any help:)

  2. pokharelishwor

    pokharelishwor New Member

    I am having the same issue. The screen gets touched itself, opens random applications and press random keys in keyboard.

  3. scrannel

    scrannel Well-Known Member

    I'm on 2.1 (USA) so slightly different. But if you are sure you SD card is compatible with your Defy, and this only started happening "recently", I would suspect an app that is constantly trying to access data -- especially if you are having streaming issues. Also, DO NOT run any kind of application manager that automatically kills apps as that drives the system crazy. The Task Manager that came on your phone (if you have one) is also junk.

    There's a post, I think on this forum, where an app downloaded from CNET that was constantly running Rich Clipboard to sync data... for who knows what. And... it was a memory manager.

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