Peek a Boo - Have artists+Sound, need iOS/Android developers

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    Jul 12, 2012

    We've all played that game. This is the name of a social turn-based game inspired by hide go seek, peek-a-boo, and where's wally.
    Development will be lean and we can launch 1st iteration in 3 weeks.

    Main Development needs:
    1)image manipulation
    -apply a cartoon effect to player's faces, basically by using a monotone color and some filters
    -Improve snapshot image quality and increase its resolution
    2)Facebook API and integration (sign-up, user images..)
    3)Backend system (user accounts, turns, points, multiplayer...) using Parse for now, so simple.
    4)Game system, controls, and features

    Initial Game concept:

    Here's my friend Cody, cartoonified face on a drawn cartoon body
    Now find him..... We'll explain how the game goes when we connect.
    Equity position in our game venture that includes this game plus its 2-3 expansion games and 7 other cool social turn based game franchises. This is just the start, when we launch our 1st game we can expand the company to develop the others.

    Zak-Papa bear of the team. Handles business, legal, marketing.
    Natalie- Character Artist (Natalie Hobbs Illustration, Design and Animation)
    Cy- Handles sound (Cylent Media Productions)

    Email me at


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