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Pen is doing what it wantsSupport

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  1. Schwuar

    Schwuar Well-Known Member

    The stylus keeps clicking random letters even when its no where near them :S

    Any ideas

  2. wmdcyclops

    wmdcyclops New Member

    You probably got a bad pen. The first one I got the tip of the pin would stick and would do random stuff. You need to get a new one
  3. bstreet

    bstreet Member

    My S pen was doing that too. Just by hovering it was writing or selecting things, very annoying. There is an adjustment under the button, but hold off on that. I actually just slapped mine down and that fixed it. Sounds strange I know. I found that as a fix when I was looking for a solution to the problem. Just slapped it down on it's side on a flat surface and haven't had the problem return yet. Perform at your own risk, but if it's already not working properly not much to lose, just don't break it in half or anything.
  4. Schwuar

    Schwuar Well-Known Member

    it stopped doing it then started doing it again so i slammed it down and its working again, for now so ill see how it goes, wheres this adjustment button ?

    also when i move it near the screen i try and see if the point matches where it says on the screen and its slightly off, how been like this since i got it though
  5. Schwuar

    Schwuar Well-Known Member

    its still doing it ;( clicking stuff when i hover over it
  6. ChadShaft

    ChadShaft Well-Known Member

    My S Pen did this also. I got the phone from Tmo on release day and they had no replacement pens to they actually swapped my entire phone.
  7. Schwuar

    Schwuar Well-Known Member

    I have phoned o2 and they said take it in store and try another stylus then wiping phone and starting again etc, it doesnt recognise when its in the holder either, it comes up with the handwriting box sometimes lol

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