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Pendo Pad Mods + Apps I got to workGeneral

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  1. RaNGA93

    RaNGA93 Member

    Hey all,

    I have a pendo pad, I believe it is a second generation as when i got it it was a new model, anyway

    since i had got it managed to get youtube, opera mini, dropbox, a knockoff office suite, flash player, paper toss and a few other apps which i have since deleted all working.

    i got market to update and display apps(which the previous version would not display) however it wouldnt download or install, i forget now


    this is what i would like to achieve:

    - car charger (very easy to do just havnt done yet)

    - battery upgrade as my battery life is pathetic (any software fixes that increase battery life would be helpful)

    - embed a full size usb port or two into the case, i dont know about anyone lese but i hate the mini usb to usb adapter, i went to use it the otherday to play a movie off my memory stick and i had forgotten the adapter

    - hdd support, my hdd will not work on the pendo due to the pendo usb port not supplying enough power, so either i will make a breakout cable so you can power the hdd externally, or depending on the battery life connect the hdd directly to the battery

    All comments/ suggestions are welcome

  2. RaNGA93

    RaNGA93 Member

    I have some pendo dissasembly pics if anyone is interested
  3. RaNGA93

    RaNGA93 Member

  4. Jase987

    Jase987 Member

    No anwswer for you.

    But I also Have Pendo Pad 9.7" Model PP4MT-9
    Running Ice Cream Sandwich. Android V4.00

    Can someone tell me how to install .APK's files on it.

    I am a bit of NOOB. So type slowly.

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