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  1. feilo

    feilo Member

    Hi guys,

    I jsut saw an ad for this in Australia,

    Just curious for your opinion,

    It seems really cheap (comes free with $9.9 plan for 24 motnths)

    But it runs Android 2.2 with only 128 RAM?

    Would it be slow as?

    any comments would be appreciated

  2. -Richo-

    -Richo- New Member

    Hi feilo,
    Yeah, I saw that ad too and thought it was a good deal, I'm going to get it myself. You also get 10 gib of freeeee data in the first month. As for the tablet, I've never heard of a pendo pad.

    I actually think it has 2 gib ram, but I'm new to these things / statistics so I wouldn't know, but this is what it said:
    "2 gb Flash
    128mb DDR"

    So yeah.... hope this helps even though it probally won't. Some one else could probally tell you the RAM.
    Even if it is 128 RAM, it is still okay for an android device. Apps are only a few megabyttes, and hy HTC Hero (Android) only has 288 RAM, and it runs fine.

  3. feilo

    feilo Member

    hey richo, when you get it can you write a brief review of what it is like to play with?


  4. urbaer

    urbaer New Member

  5. beyondever

    beyondever New Member

    Anyone use this before?

    Any review compare with other tablet? How is it compare with Ipad and those good applications?
  6. notforu

    notforu New Member

    Only information available 2/01/11 is on
    '', using android 1.5 with a 'rockchip 600mhz chip', 2gb flash and 128mb DDR.......7" WVGA touch screen 800
  7. 3x0dus

    3x0dus Member

    The picture looks like there is a spot for camera but guess not installed.
    Hopefully the dodo specs are correct (screenshotted for proof/evidence misrepresentation etc)

    And the pendo website was just initial development specs, and after trials te bumped to what's on the dodo site.
  8. butcherboy

    butcherboy New Member

    Would very much like to get feedback on this device myself. I believe from reading the specs it has only 128 mb RAM. Is this low for an Android device?
  9. 3x0dus

    3x0dus Member

    FYI looks like the Pendo page has been updated.

    Wireless Alarm & Phone | Wireless Security System | Wireless Alarm Kits by Pendo

    Operating System
    Android 2.2

    2500 Mah Li-Ion
    AC 110-240 V power supply
    Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
    CPU & Memory
    Rockchip 1.0Ghz
    2 GB Flash
    256MB DDR
    AC 97
    Built-in speaker
    Built-in microphone
    Card Slot

    Looking more and more like it will be a Rockchip 2818 device now, might be decent.

    I ordered one last thursday, but given the public holidays, lets see how long it takes.

    someone who called dodo was advised 2 weeks to receive, but that may be to cover delivery delays.

    will soon see.
  10. 3x0dus

    3x0dus Member

  11. jazzmine66

    jazzmine66 Member

    Pendo pad

    Product Description The Pendo Pad is perfect for high-quality mobile Internet surfing and work with office and multimedia everywhere you go.
    At only 7” in size and weighing only 360 grams, it is equipped with Wi-Fi and built-in 2GB memory storage. Store your favourite photos, watch uncompressed videos and thanks to the Android Market, browse the online software catalogue; you can find and install thousands of free additional applications and games on your Pendo Pad.
    • Screen: 7" WVGA touch screen 800
  12. 3x0dus

    3x0dus Member

    The dodo rep said any backlogged orders should be done by Friday.

    I was lucky enough and the rep fast tracked my order, goto a toll priority tracking number so here's hoping Friday.

    ** EDIT **

    Onboard with courier! should have it this arvo.
  13. -Richo-

    -Richo- New Member

    i havent ordered it yet, im doing so tonight, if you were to get it, you shoul;d get it with the $10 plan.

    i live in the suburb next their head office so i could probaly get back to you soon.

    sorry about the slow rep[ly, ive been on holiday. XD

  14. 3x0dus

    3x0dus Member

  15. 3x0dus

    3x0dus Member

    Settings says 2.2. But a sys info app says eclair 2.1
  16. 3x0dus

    3x0dus Member

    Ok so i haveve played with it most of the arvo, installing apps from the market place, playing around with settings etc.
    As already said the screen can be abit difficult to get used to coming from an iphone, and if you are buying any of these Android tablets (Pendo,T-Touch,My Tab) and expecting a ipad/iphone like experience you will be surely disappointed.
    I didn't purchase it expecting that and as such i am happy so far with how the screen handles, the more i use it the more easier it is to move around, and you get a feel for how much/little you need to press on the screen etc.
    Looking around the system info etc, i would say it does have 256mb of ram.
    The 2gb Nand Flash is a mystery however, but i believe its partitioned perhaps with a 250mb user space, and the remaining as system space.
    If you look at this post -> - View topic - A bit more hardware info on the Archos 7HT Version 2
    The device details there are fairly similar to what i get from system info our the Pendo pad. However system info does report it as Rockchip 2818.
    Based on the bogomips tho, the chip set is more likely 600mhz with perhaps 400mhz DSP to bring to a total of 1ghz.
    While Andriod / settings / about
    Says Andriod 2.2, its easy enough for the china manufacturers to fake that.
    As per the post above, all the build data/browser info etc says Eclair, and while i havent got the device with me right now im sure the API Level also stated 7, which is ECLAIR 2.1, not FROYO 2.2.
    This is possibly also evident by the fact its the old style android marketplace, tho the market place is the real deal, there will be apps you may not find as they are 2.2 specific.
    The sample video plays well, as does Youtube clips, i tried a few files i believe xvid encoded, which did not play with the default player, WMV files did seem to play ok, aslong as they where not too HQ.
    Sound wise the speakers do an ok job, probably better than side mounted ones, but your hand can get in the way abit but overall fine.
    Weight at 360g it feels ok, its about 3x the weight of an Iphone 3GS, but 1/3rd of the weight of an IPAD, so its in the right place i feel.
    Build wise the case quality seems good, looking where the USB ports connect you can see the thickness of the case, and it seems good.
    Overall i think its a great little device, even with a few of its shortcomings, and with the low entry level its hard to pass up.
    Still evaluating battery life, but i got from about 12pm to 5pm on about 80% charge, with on and off use, but always with WIFI on.
    Oh and going to facebook, bottom left it even mentioned about getting facebook for my a70hbt or similar, so its very similar to the archos 7 v2 (which has 600mhz + 430mhs dsp).
  17. htm

    htm New Member

    k Ill keep it simple. The pendo pad is rubbish and here's why. Firstly as An Android 2.2 user the padd definately does NOT run 2.2, it is slow and has no memmory. The pad reqires you to buy a card to operate even acceptably. All the numbers quoted seem to be fantacy. Screen resolution seems lower than quoted. Infact fair trading could and probably should do dodo for misrepresentation.

    If you are thinking about getting one don't bother. If all you are looking for is a toy whch can do virtually nothing, ok waste your time and money.
  18. Daemon.Singer

    Daemon.Singer New Member

    Absolutely brilliant, considering the money.

    It has everything I need in the car (which has an inherent 512K Internet shared connection). Keeps me up to date with my email as I am driving, and it is quite fast considering the 128 MB of RAM.

    I have added an 8Gb Micro SD to keep media etc on it, and am using an HTC Desire with Froyo and a 6Gb connection to provide Internet access when I'm not in the office, at home or in the car (in Coffee Club (vile coffee, good food), in Stones Corner this morning, for example).

    Constantly raises questions from those with that stupid Apple thingy, and the price makes them sick to their stomach.

    Sound quality is quite good and I am just about to test the camera and audio on Skype. More after I do that.

    $9.90 from Dodo (hate them, throw the internet Sim out and keep the modem), per month, I can't buy them from the manufacturer at that price.
    Costing, per month, is 7 minutes of hard work. Still a good deal.
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  19. Daemon.Singer

    Daemon.Singer New Member

    Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time with the Pendo Pad.

    Mine was delivered on Thursday and so far I have installed all of the things I use on both my HTC Desire, and my Samsung Galaxy S.

    The major advantage this thing has over either of those machines is that I can use a little stylus, and the boot time which is under 10 seconds. As yet I have not made any changes to the hardware, and currently have no plans to do so.

    Screen resolution is exactly as quoted, though the plasticised LCD has some issues with clarity, which has absolutely nothing to do with resolution, as you would know, being an expert in all these things.

    Can I suggest in future, that when you are making a post, you go and make a cup of tea first, then sit down and contemplate what you are going to say, how it will be received, what perception you want people to take of you, and what sort of response you think you should get. Spelling errors leave a remarkably poor perception in one's mind.

    I took this thing on so that I could experiment with what Android can do, not as an adventure into the world of Dodo, who as an organisation I detest. As an experimental platform, I am yet to find any problems with it, and if you are going to be serious about what you're saying, you would take into account the fact that he paid less than $200 for it.

    I don't believe it's appropriate to get into a shouting match over this, but I think in the interests of some sort of balance, you should actually spend a little bit of time finding out what you can do with it, and how far you can advance those things, and in the light of those issues point out some of its shortcomings. This is after all a forum for those of us at the front edge of technology. People should reasonably be able to expect better from us, then unthought out bile.
  20. mouse12

    mouse12 New Member

    I was searching the Pedo pad out of curiosity and found this thread. I have been a customer of DD and before been on what I thought was a great plan with a similar item,a 7inch notebook with WIFI. It ran very slow and not enough memory for AVG annti viruus. After many trying phone calls the plan was early terminated cause of many things not mentioned in contract. How ever in fine print DD now covers themselves incl data speed. I would ask as many questions as possible, But let it be known a famous auction site WW sells these android tablets for over 50% less than what DD is offering them...and if paid by PP then you are covered to return for refund. Many of these contracts especially with free items is because of a reason. And if using the net daily specially with video streaming ads, the Data useage builds up. A top site for anyone new to the net is a UNMETERED site-not using your data,BPond has many pages with a green dot incl Games, movie trailers that dont use data at all.
    But with these contracts of a measly 250MB imagine that MB being a millimetre and a GB being a litre,once you got over the 250MB easily enough it hurts your pocket cause per MB after that it increases,same as when Mobiles were first introduced before pre paid.
  21. mouse12

    mouse12 New Member

    I would like to add to those EXPERTS on technology:confused:,its not a good idea to publish about poor spelling but instead suggest updating emails while driving:mad:...I would prefer to be an expert driver than on computers,at least I wont kill anyone....:rolleyes:
  22. Bald Lozza

    Bald Lozza New Member

    Hi there. I am new here so sorry.
    I ordered a Pendo Pad last friday. Dodo has told me it will take up to 2 weeks to get it. As soon as I do, I will let you know.
    Bald Lozza
  23. ausmoz

    ausmoz New Member

    Hi I have just joined so plese go easy.. message to mouse12 or anyone who can answer.. which auction website is the WW that mouse12 is talkin about?
    I would love to do some comparisons
  24. ausmoz

    ausmoz New Member

    Hi im new to this forum so please go easy on me.

    I have been interested in the Pendo Pad for a while now but unsure of the Pendo being worth it over 24months.

    Mouse12 said it can be bought on an Australian Auction website called WW .. does anyone know which website this is?

    I would consider buying outright if the price is right.

    Anyone please answer


  25. shooterau

    shooterau Member

    I received the Pendo pad today ordered late last week .
    I have tried to change the clock time and delete photo's from the device no luck with either.
    Also have tried to contact Pendo about a user Manual to see how it works but they don't answer emails it look like on top of that Dodo has put me on a no contract so they don't seem to listen either All the worker wanted to do at Dodo was sell me another mobile sim card for another phone everytime I said no thanks the Question comes up a Couple Min later
    (Can anyone tell me how to change the time and delete photo's )

    Many Thanks

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