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  1. AMD KryptoniTe

    AMD KryptoniTe New Member

    hi i was wondering whether it came with the netcomm router and the hsdpa usb modem
    as well
    im interested in getting this just to use the mobile broadband for emergencies and the pad as a daily organiser

  2. shooterau

    shooterau Member

    I received all those items in my order when you receive yours and work out how to change Time can you let me know Thanks shooterau
  3. androider69

    androider69 New Member

    Im also getting one, its due in the mail n about a weeks time.
    no ones made a video showing off its features yet, i might just do that! :)
    Cant wait to get it, ipad killer! Especially with the price! :D
  4. androider69

    androider69 New Member

    Yes, comes with the router, modem and sim card kit....But you get those first.then they wait 2 weeks to send out the pendo pad, to stop company losses and people just joining to get the pendo pad then never activating the service....
  5. androider69

    androider69 New Member

    And as you probably know, the usb broadband modem plugs into the pendo pad via usb dongle thats included for internet access wherever you go with the pendo pad! :D
  6. ausmoz

    ausmoz New Member

    Hey there.. I have been checking on these DD deals so I know you do get netcomm router and the hsdpa usb modem but only from the $19.90 plans and above.
  7. -Richo-

    -Richo- New Member

    OK feilo,
    it took a while for me to be able to get it, but it seems pretty good, but ill say again, dont get it on the $20 plan unless you need it. It might also take a while for you to get it like me - appently there was a rush.

  8. jazzmine66

    jazzmine66 Member

    hi i have my pendo pad and like it, but, after working fine on wifi, next day was out and bout, used the usb modem device, which after turning on mobile network settings, and had to switch the wifi off, it initialises and within 1 minute, the device removes itself, leaving an exclamation mark top left of screen (nxt to home page icon) and also see 'usb mass storage removed' even tho still in the usb port...this is a fault for many i hear , also battery doesnt seem to charge up full, or stay on for long, always having to recharge. I have tested another device eg. digital camera and even that doesnt recognise the pendo pad, instead reads it as a tv.... has anyone had this issue, also

    Also I cannot find how to delete pics taken and stored on pad, cant see an option? Audio sound is great, video camcorder good too, quickword you will need to purchase at discounted rate, for all office files, should you require.
    Overall I liked it, but fustrated with the small faults, and not happy to have no access on pendo.com site for troubleshooting/support, or any user manual...this should be avail...ps when you call pendo support number, its a dodo tech support officer...

    Dodo will fix or replace with new pad Ive been advised, Im sending back reply paid and will wait again, see what happens.

  9. shooterau

    shooterau Member

    I Have fixed the time problem can any Dodo member tell me what size Micro SD Card Pendo Pad will Take.

    Another member informed me how to delete photo's Many Thanks 3x0dus for answer
  10. Paully82

    Paully82 New Member

    Just on a side topic to the Pendo Pad, I recently got one from Dodo as I pay for my Mum's ISP and I upgraded her account.

    I personally use a 3 Wireless Broadband Huawei E1553 dongle. I have been trying to use this 3G dongle with the Pendo Pad, but it doesn't seem to work. I detects the dongle, but then throws up an error message along the lines of: "External storage has been removed". I think maybe this is a setting issue with Android.

    Anyone have any advice or knows where I can download an Android 2 user guide for tablets?
  11. Paully82

    Paully82 New Member

    This is exactly what I have been experiencing with my 3G dongle. It detects, turns it one, initialises and then says "USB mass storage removed". Not sure what to do.
  12. shooterau

    shooterau Member

    Have had no end of trouble with differnt things going wrong Since i got it on the 13th this month.
    Internet on then off,Black part Screen cover lifting,Rang Pendo wasn't able to help Rang Dodo Tech tried allsorts thing ending in them asking me to connect the modern to a laptop(which has its own internet already ) it worked fine but won't work with the Pendo Pad Dodo tech said maybe cable or pad as the modern worked on Laptop.

    (Thought I would give Dodo a try after being with Telstra and still am for at least 12 years but so far they are failing badly with not doing what they say.)

    Tech will ring me back in 30mins never happened so rang them back about 3hrs later had to go through the whole thing again only to be told will ring you Monday sure.

    This is about 8 calls to Pendo or Dodo so far plus wasted internet i'm paying for and not being able to use.

    I asked then to take the Pendo Pad back as It does not work as it should but was only Interested in trying to put me off.

    All I want is the service to be cancelled.
    Or a New Pendo pad sent to replace this faulty one as it had photo's and Czech Langaue on it when it arrived.
    I don't think it was new as now while talking to Dodo i noticed the Black cover around screen bottom of Pad is Lifting up and with the Internet cutting in and out.

    I Believe if they won't cancel the service altogether they should at least send out a new pad and cable which could also be faulty they thought and pick up the old Pad and what else they want to replace at no cost to me.
  13. campus1

    campus1 New Member

    Is anyone having issues with the Time Zone setting on the pendo pad, I am trying to set mine to +10:00 and it take me back to the settings page and time zone remains as Taipei Standard Time. For the life of me I cant work it out.
    For the price I am quite enjoying my Pendo except for this one little issue.
    Any got any ideas to fix my time zone?
  14. wendyvenpin

    wendyvenpin New Member

    I just got a pendo pad and installed skype, but i dont know what's the problem i can't sign in. it says it signing in but never sign in.
    Any idea what could be the probelm?

  15. Roses Lillys

    Roses Lillys New Member

    I am looking to get mine in the next few days. I think it will do for the kids to muck around on, and play games. Anything more than that, I would get an ipad.

    Question... has anyone bought accessories for their Pendo Pad? Like covers, cases etc? I would appreciate any help here, buying on ebay, I could end up with anything......

  16. silentrunner

    silentrunner New Member

    Dude I have one it is great.

    Some minor issues.

    1. PDF files do not save there pages so it restarts from the beginning. Minor inconvenience really just remember the page.

    2.Battery life about 6-8 hours depending on what you are doing. recharge is quite quick.

    3. I contacted the Pendo Service center and managed to speak to a nice chap in Indonesia. Apparently the website has yet to finished with the role out of the Pendo pad. It is listed but no data as yet. www.pendo.com. I was after any info about a hard cover to protect my wifes Pendo and Mine. Apparently they exist as he has a nice leather cover for his, fat load of good that does me and no he could not help located who did sell them. I think he was an ANTI employee. I will be using mine a work and I am currently on my 2nd MiGEAR reader (the first got tested to destruction.)
    4. They do not come with a Manual. You will have to puzzle it out yourself. Also there is nothing on line.

    that said the Upside.

    Usability - very easy and it is instinctive. No password access possible unless they update the softwear (if there is I have yet to find It) but I don't plan to leave it out of my sight.

    Camera - still and video, very good. However a rear facing camera would be easier .

    Stylis- very cool. You can use your fingers as it is touch screen but in the heat sweat and body oil will play havok with your screen cleanliness.

    Video is out standing. Equiv of HD TV. Comes with a couple of minutes of the Count of Monte Christo (i Think) 23 meg worth I deleted it I needed the space.

    Otherwise it is like a computer minimal periphrials , all you need if you have a wifi set up. Power cord, Stylis and a cup of coffee.
  17. jazzmine66

    jazzmine66 Member

    hi i have had the pendo pad a week now, after having issues with usb modem still, (wifi works fine tho) 'usb massage storage removed' error msg keeps turning off the mobile network setting & keeps removing itself, and will be sending back to dodo for them replace. I do ask for a pro rata on charges due to activation date, they agree..

    Still the below things I am in doubt about .

    Also its not a 2.2, their site states android 2, so not sure even its a 2.1?

    128 ram ddr it states in system for pad, not 256 ram ddr as posted here by dodos rep, again can only go on the hardware info?

    Skype will install from the android market and let you enter log in details, but will never sign in, keeps signing it but never does.

    Most apps will work but, like any other few will not ...from the 'Market' icon.

    Quickword is a trial program installed and required approx $10 to use it fullly.

    Gmail will open attachments eg. jpegs , I have downloaded the app for adobe reader too...

    Deleting pictures, no option that I can find?

    Twice have had error msg for audio voice on this hardware not available, when trying ,fring app, - which is useless to download for this pad...so I have removed it.

    So if anyone has solutions to the above, wud be great!
  18. jazzmine66

    jazzmine66 Member

    yes same here wendy, i think its because the pad is not above the 2.1 which skype requires...(see skype support stating this)
  19. jazzmine66

    jazzmine66 Member

    hi they will replace/fix the pad for you, they are doing so with mine, i just have to send it back to the 'reply paid addr' they gave me, so no cost to yourself.

    The czech video file name, is also on my pad, i wud think just a sample, thats been added for our viewing...
  20. jazzmine66

    jazzmine66 Member

    hi pauly, I am sending mine back to dodo as per their request to their reply paid addr in victoria, for the same issue, that definatelyis not a setting issue.
  21. shooterau

    shooterau Member

    Well looks like we are still being given the run around was told there would be a user manual on Websites no later than today but no user manual has shown up with all the trouble i've had getting answers from either of them

    Will be chasing this up futher as tired of spending so much on phone calls for nothing will not advise anyone to use either unless they improve

    I must add these comments do not relate to the dodo reps on this forum as they seem good at what they do and helpful

    Checked again today 18th for user manual promised Friday lastest Monday still not up another Fib looks like
  22. shooterau

    shooterau Member

    Good News the User Manual is now on the Pendo Website.
  23. grahpet

    grahpet New Member

    Does anyone know how to add contacts to the pendo pad?
  24. skills302

    skills302 New Member

    Hi all just joined in. Took delivery of my Pendo Pad today and it came with a correction notice saying that it was described as running Android 2.2 but is actually running version 2.1. DoDo have offered to take it back within 4 weeks if this is a problem. However on the device the firmware version states version 2.2 so I am not sure yet but I think it will be shipping with 2.1
  25. android-s

    android-s New Member

    Wow this is unbelievable... Pendo Pad... A Cheap Resistive Touch Wholesale Chinese Tablet PC Got to be part of a Telecom Providers Product LIST. I only see a Major Collapse for DODO Now.. I think they have no clue about Android Tablet Pc's, GOOGLE LAW (Which Requires Licensing for Android MARKET) Not a illegal USB Flash Update of software by it's Wholesaler in China. Please DODO save yourself before you ruin your reputation in Australia. By the Way Everyone I am a developer of Tablet Pc's. ROCKCHIP 2818, the cpu in this Pendo Pad Cannot Support ANDROID 2.2 Major Advertising Flaw. This Device needs a Autofocus 2mp camera/3G/GPS/Compass + more to get Google Licensing ( Gmail/Market/Talk ++ ). CPU is 600MHZ Ram + GPU/DSP and should be 256MB as Our Partner Rockchip puts it as a minimum for 2818 systems. Im sure this DEVICE will fall apart before your FIRST BILL comes in the Mail. Im sure the Cheap Plan Price Caught Everyones EYE'S. Need a Good Tablet, See me, Need a Data plan better not mix it with a $50 tablet. Thank you
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