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  1. bananapants26

    bananapants26 New Member

    Hello im new here and just a pretty simple q how long do i have to wait untill i can get the pendo i ordered it 3 weeks ago and still waiting.

  2. niak32

    niak32 New Member

    Ordered it on the 22nd of Jan.

    Checking for curior every time the dog barks...

    Moving house in 3 weeks, better be there by then...

    Calling dodo in 28 minutes to see where it is...

    Any problems, straight back in the box and canceling contract, through the ombudsman if I need to. $9.95 a month 24 month contract sounds too good to be true.

    If it's all good, would like to see if I can use a second modem and bridge the internet connection for more reliable internet and speed. Don't think that will happen though.
  3. lorraine.kotek

    lorraine.kotek New Member

    got mine about 2 weeks ago and im very disapointed, the key pad is terrible everytime i touch a letter it comes up with the letter beside it. its incredibly slow and absolute rubbish. only good thing i can say is that its a handy size to put in my bag when i need the net on the go.:confused:
    also came with a letter saying that the advertisements were wrong and it does not support android 2.2.
  4. taiga

    taiga New Member

    They got a new batch in and are getting them sent out.

    Yeah it is a slow device =\
  5. adark

    adark New Member

    Hi all! New member here :) sorry for the long post.

    I accepted delivery of a Pendo pad yesterday through TOLL couriers. I do not know how but the TOLL bastards smashed the pad while delivering it :( I immediately called Dodo for a replacement before I did anything else. The techie on the phone was very good and told me to return the pad ASAP. Within 1 hour I was at the Dodo hardware pickup office with the smashed pad. Dodo replaced the pad for me without any fuss. It took about 5 minutes to do that. I was so relieved. Excellent customer service Dodo! Thank you.

    As for the pad itself, if you own or have ever used any Apple touch screen devices like iPhone or iPad then you will be bitterly disappointed with the resistive touch screen and my advice would be to avoid this pad or any cheap pads for that matter with similar screens.

    However, if you are looking for a cheap pad to play around with Android, then this is a good device for that. It will be even better when somebody figures out root access ;)

    For the price, DO NOT EXPECT bells and whistles. It's basically just a big media player with simple network connectivity which can not play videos files off a network share and it is not a good device for many Android games either :(

    BUT...the Pendo pad is very good for surfing the web and using internet apps like email, chat, ssh terminal, VNC, etc. The camera on it really does suck and is only OK for video chat. Also, I believe there is a fault with the audio drivers on the pad. The mic does not work on my pad and Google voice search spits the dummy when it tries to load. I'm betting this is why the Skype app does not work either because the sound recorder does register sound on the mic input but records silence...weird.

    They must release a software update for this device otherwise it is doomed.

  6. shelby74

    shelby74 New Member

    is there any way of getting flash for pendo pad as it wont load facebook games. says it requires flash player.
  7. MandyH2

    MandyH2 New Member

    I got mine about 2 weeks ago. I didnt expect an Ipad, but I am dissapointed that I cant download a flash player. Does anyone have any solutions?
  8. Lawsy56

    Lawsy56 Member

    Hi guys
    Just received my Pendo Pad not long ago (from Dodo's $9.95 deal) and have been playing with it since then, seems quite simple but adequate for what I wanted it for eg: away from home needing internet access, saves taking my notebook with me & larger than using the mobile phone. I played around taking photos then near pulled my hair out trying to work out how the hell you delete them. Not even Google could help with this, so I done what I should have in the beginning, plugged the Pendo into my comp and deleted them that way, saves a headache :) Would love to be able to get a protective cover for it but again, can't find anything, I did click on another post which had and I arrived at a surfboard site :) Will see how this goes. One thing providers should do but won't (they lose too much money) and that's to show your data used etc, but that's a dream (or is it?)
    cheers! :cool:
  9. Headlight

    Headlight Member

    In the picture browser mode, longpress a photo and a menu with delete on it will pop up (not in the manual). Android seems to have quite a few longpress menus.

    Try (there's a manual there too!)

    You're not dreaming: The Usage tab in your account on the dodo website tells you exactly how much data you've used.

    [​IMG]7 INCH CARRY CASE POUCH EPAD T-TOUCH SMARTQ V7 I ROBOT (eBay item 180613201353 end time 15-Feb-11 21:17:55 AEDST) : Electronics

    Screen Protector (first-class; got one myself and it's great):
    [​IMG]7" inch epad apad irobot Screen Protector Tablet pc (eBay item 300522200984 end time 13-Feb-11 21:44:41 AEDST) : Computers

    I've ordered one of these (not a pink one! :) )to see if it fits:

    Edit: this fits tightly but acceptably. Not a bad cover for the Pendo; all the buttons and the sockets are accessible.

    There are folding cases that have a mini USB keyboard on one side and the pad goes on the other, but I can't find a link for them at the mo.
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  10. Lawsy56

    Lawsy56 Member

    thanks for those little tips, appreciate them!
  11. Lawsy56

    Lawsy56 Member

    I have been sticky beaking around ebay for my Pendo and have come up with these
    Orange Laptop Sleeve Bag for 7" Asus Eee PC 700 701 New (eBay item 280620614703 end time 24-Feb-11 10:07:24 AEDST) : Computers
    7" Laptop Notebook Holder Sleeve Black Carrying Bag (eBay item 280622354716 end time 28-Feb-11 09:30:12 AEDST) : Computers
    7" Asus EEE PC Black Sleeve Case Bag Laptop Notebook (eBay item 370239939493 end time 25-Feb-11 14:12:20 AEDST) : Computers
    there are more and I made the mistake of looking for an actual Pendo Pad cover, thanks to Headlight on this site, he/she directed gave out a couple of links.
    hope this helps others looking
  12. Lawsy56

    Lawsy56 Member

  13. Headlight

    Headlight Member

    That's it Lawsy!
  14. Lawsy56

    Lawsy56 Member

    I bought one, hope it doesn't take weeks to get here!
  15. blp278

    blp278 New Member

    Hi have had my pendo pad for a week love it but i am starting to have issues with the screen,when i turn it on gives me the sound that its on then no picture then will all of a sudden come on then go to do something and the screen goes blank .Any ideas??????????????????
  16. Lawsy56

    Lawsy56 Member

    Morning all
    I am about to purchase a micro card for the Pendo and I have found an 8gb SDHC, now what I would like to know if someone can help me, is, will this work in my Pendo Pad?
  17. Headlight

    Headlight Member

    I've got an 8gb Class 6 card in mine and it works well. The brand is Team and I had trouble reading it in a USB-SD card adapter on my desktop computer and laptop; had to buy a proper card reader. As it turns out I needn't have bothered, as Windows Explorer accesses the Pendo directly. I never worked out whether Team was a dodgy brand or not.
  18. Lawsy56

    Lawsy56 Member

    Excuse my ignorance but what does a Class 6 mean? I have seen a few people mention Class but I have no idea. If you're saying a SDHC will work just fine, that would be great! I know I picked up a brand sdhc cheap at HB Hi-Fi for my new camera (latest DSLR) and it wouldn't work, hence my asking before buying :) thanks for all your help :)
  19. Headlight

    Headlight Member

    Lawsy, the "Class" refers to the speed of the card. Apparently you need faster cards for gear that needs to write a lot of data quickly to the card eg video cameras (and maybe your SLR?). This probably doesn't apply here, as the writing speed to the card is not really a isue.

    Mine's a Class 6 (the fastest I have seen is Class 10). You could try your brand-name card in the Pendo; the only issue for it would be for it to be able to read it fast enough eg movie playback. Someone on Whirlpool has used a Kingston 8gb card with no problems:

    So I'd just buy one of those.
  20. Lawsy56

    Lawsy56 Member

    Hi again

    thanks for the advice about the card, the case with the keyboard just arrived, snazzy little thing too, comes with a stylus as well (for the keyboard I am assuming) also has a stand at the back to enable you to prop the pad up, I got the one with the small usb plug and now I am thinking I should have got the larger one then used the adapter that came with the Pendo as it isn't reading the usb lead at all, when I go in and tick the USB bit, it completely freezes the pad up. Will try and find a double mini usb lead. But is is well worth the $'s.
  21. Lawsy56

    Lawsy56 Member

    Ok, I got the keyboard in the case working with the Pendo, seems it prefers the bottom usb slot for some reason... I also found out that when you put shortcuts on the screen, if you press & hold the item, a garbage bin appears on the right side and you drag it across to get rid of it, everyday is a school day with this thing :)
  22. madperson

    madperson New Member

    Hi i'm new here i have got a pendo pad from dodo and i think it is very handy if you are a busy person . I just wish they had a manual in the box because i'm still trying to work it out . the pendo pad was a replacement for the laptop that i was supose to get and now i just want to know what that website is for pendo.
  23. Headlight

    Headlight Member

  24. adark

    adark New Member

    I have successfully flashed Froyo 2.2 on this device and discovered some very interesting things in the process.

    Here is the reasons why the Pendo pad did not ship with Froyo 2.2 even though it has a Froyo compatible Rock Chips 2818 processor.

    1) G-sensor does not work in Froyo at all because no drivers have been released for it yet :(

    2) Audio is flaky but does work most of the time. Mic input only works with the sound recording app. Cannot use voice search, skype, etc same as with the software that ships with the pad. There appears to be a bug in the kernel.

    3) OpenGL/3D graphics do not work most of the time. Many games and apps just crash or tend to run extremely slow. The device either has a cut down/low end graphics processor or again there are more bugs in the kernel.

    4) Market does not work at first either but you can get it working with some system tweeking.

    It is my belief that Dodo have been scammed by the manufacturer and distributor of these devices. Dodo was told and obviously believed that this device runs Froyo 2.2, hence why they advertised it as such without doing their homework first. Idiots!!

    Like similar cheap pads from China, the manufacturer has illegally distributed a hybrid Eclair/Froyo system on the Pendo that was created with the Ecliar 2.1 SDK. This software is actually a hacked together test bed that has not been approved by Google for distribution to end users.

    The device actually lacks many of the standard requirements to get Google approval in the first place. Dodo obviously do not know a thing about these devices and Android in general and could now be in serious trouble.

    I am now wondering how long it takes before Google actually does something about all of this. Cheap devices like this coming out of China will damage Android's reputation beyond repair. I see a massive windfall for Apple if Google do nothing.
  25. adark

    adark New Member

    Adobe flash does not run on the Pendo pad because the processor is not supported by flash.

    Also, it is very unlikely Adobe will ever support the Pendo processor because it has already been superseded by one that natively supports flash v10 and other codecs like H264, mp4, etc.

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