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  1. Ayd5

    Ayd5 New Member

    Does anyone out there know where to get a replacement for a screen for a pendo pad? 7inch screen. The sieral number on the glass is : AP359CA. It only lasted3weeks and it fell and hit the only thing that could brake it :(

  2. bbbb328

    bbbb328 New Member

    Hi There Ayd5...i've also busted my pendo pad screen. Have you been able to find a replacement? I'm going to the philippines in April and I thought i'd look for a replacement there, just in case you might want one :p cheers
  3. ag011090ag

    ag011090ag Active Member

  4. hlz

    hlz New Member

    I've also broken mine. I tried the alibaba website with no luck. has anyone found where to get them?

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