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  1. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member

    the phone comes foe 7.5k in india

    even lesser for US customer

    The phone have some very powerful hardware so requesting developers to work on it

    dual core , 4' super amoled screen, 16GB internal , 1GB RAM , ICS launching tomorrow etc....
    I was looking for a phone in 6~7k range so was thinking about karboun A18 or micromax A87 but as i saw this deal ... just went ahead with it

    there are 6% HDFC and ICICI coupon and some account locked 5%, 10% coupons working on this deal

    P.S. I would have posted this thread in the PANTECH section but in that case our indian bhai log would have missed the deal so posted here
    Sorry MODS for doing it intentionally

  2. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member

    make sure sure that phone is carrier unlocked otherwise u can't get network in india
  3. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member

    there are both locked and unlocked available and i opted for locked as people are selling unlocked code for just $1 on and many members on forums have already purchased this deal so in next 15 days we will see around 50~100 members searching for custom rom

    Yes these unlocked codes work 99% there are rare 1% risk but its worth taking
  4. Amarghy

    Amarghy Well-Known Member

    Specs wise its great.....but what about reliability and service?? For me.....i just know that its a south-korean company. Never heard anything else.:(

    P.S Correct me if i am wrong :)
  5. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member

    lg and samsung both are based in south korea

    so I think nation doesn't matter
  6. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member

    even i have heard the name for the first time but with the price this device comes close to galaxy S2 [camera no upto the mark]and its 7707rs without coupon

    On there are around 50 members which have already purchased the phone [confirmed] so we are here with good amount of devices very soon

    EDIT: here is the google sheet where members are updating there status
  7. Amarghy

    Amarghy Well-Known Member

    lol.....but there seems to be no service centre in the northeast.
  8. bara3239

    bara3239 Active Member

  9. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member

  10. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member

    do u know one thing

    there arent any mmx service centre around my area

    I got to travel about 200km if ma a75 gets damaged

  11. Amarghy

    Amarghy Well-Known Member

    hahaha...funny!!! Gotta hand it to ya!! :p
  12. maccafan

    maccafan Well-Known Member

    LOL..I am in UK so take a wild guess how far I have to travel to the nearest Micromax service center..:D
  13. Amarghy

    Amarghy Well-Known Member

  14. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member

    so its like no warranty for you

    P.S. 1 of the member got the device [he ordered 15 days back from other source] and reported that the device is awesome

    now i am even more excited to get my hands on the device
  15. Amarghy

    Amarghy Well-Known Member

  16. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member

    downloaded and now installing
    my first impression is awesome ... grt i made a purchase when the price were down

    any developer got his hand on this superb device

    ninad , varun etc.....
  17. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member

  18. Amarghy

    Amarghy Well-Known Member

    how is the call quality and the battery backup of your phone in GB?? It seems these are tge two main problems.

    Also....which site did you follow for unlocking?? :)

    Is there a svc near your home for a pentach??

  19. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member

    ya how did u unlocked?
  20. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member


    didnt used for calling upto now [dont want to cut existing sim card]
    battery is decent for a day use
    a member on desidime gave unlock code for free also there is another seller on ebay india [50rs for a code]
    no service center bro

    just provide IMEI no. and he will send the code
    insert any sim and provide unlock code


    EDIT: updated to ICS and its quite good
  21. bara3239

    bara3239 Active Member

    can you plz upload pics of the updated ICS ROM on this phone... me planning to buy this
  22. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member

  23. Amarghy

    Amarghy Well-Known Member

    isnt screenshot an inherent feature in every ICS rom??? like face lock!! ;)
  24. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member

    i thought he was asking to take pic of the phone also i wasnt aware that ICS comes with the feature to take screenshots

    anyways here are the pics not mine but copied from a member post

  25. Amarghy

    Amarghy Well-Known Member

    @kartikoli That guy seems to be using an Airtel sim. Can you please ask him for the unlocking procedure he followed??

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