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  1. xfeejayx

    xfeejayx Member

    Friend of mine has this phone. I rooted it for him, isntalled CM7 nightly from last friday, and and netharthy kernel (though still running 1000Mhz). For some reason, people can't hear him over the phone.

    Anybody have a similar issue? Is there a setting for mic volume?


  2. wbb0419

    wbb0419 New Member

    Depending on where you're located, Sprint may be at fault in this situation as they are doing a lot of work on some of their towers to enhance 4G coverage. If not, check for any water damage.
  3. xfeejayx

    xfeejayx Member

    nope. just re-flashed CM7 and voila. Sprint couldn't be the problem because the phone worked fine 10 minutes before root.

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