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  1. davethenorm

    davethenorm New Member

    When I make a call and the person answers, they can hardly hear me but I can hear them. Is there a setting that I can adjust or is my phone faulty. Please help!!!!
    My phone is a Huawei Blaze 8510 operating Android 2.3

  2. reace

    reace New Member

    there appears to be a problem with the U8150 series of phones I have 3 Ideos X3 Phones and 2 of them have a similar problem.

    when someone Calls me and or I call them ... I can't hear them.. But they can hear me lol.

    however , If I turn Speaker phone on... then I can hear them, but one of us , gets the familiar ECHO ...

    Would not recommend this Phone to anyone tbh.

  3. talk2ashishm

    talk2ashishm New Member

    Hi ,
    similar problem is faced by me now and along with that headset icon appear in notification tool bar, i tried factory reset from Setting>>Privacy>>Factory Reset but it disappear for few hours and later appear again. Please let me know the solution/steps to remove headset icon from the bar even if no headphone is attached.

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