People find hard to hear me during calls?Support

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  1. Canucker

    Canucker New Member

    Everytime i talk to anyone on my samsung galaxy, they have a very hard time hearing me. Is it because of my otter box or is it just a faulty phone?

  2. tripplec

    tripplec Well-Known Member

    Speak right into the mouth piece area holding the phone properly so the its there by your mouth. Maybe you have to speak up a bit as well.

    Call your home phone and have someone check and let you know when its loud enough.
  3. sneek4

    sneek4 Member

    I occasionally have this issue, I have called Telus to complain but they say I sound fine. Typically it is the worst when I am calling other people on the Telus Fascinate. It sounds like one of us is underwater :(

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