People not receiving piture text messages

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  1. lily0615

    lily0615 Member

    My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2 from Sprint but it's flashed to boostmobile. At first people were able to receive picture text messages that I would send them. Now nobody is receiving any pictures I send them expect for one friend I have that also has boostmobile. How can I fix this issue? Will I have to get a new phone? Do you think it might be because it's flashed? Someone help please.

  2. unclefishbits

    unclefishbits Member

    What's the Android OS - Gingerbread or ICS? ICS has caused a lot of problems, one being eating up memory. My gmail would never update, messages never send, because of ICS. It might just be downgrading to Gingerbread. But if that's not your problem, it's likely the flash. But a full memory will prevent things from sending.

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