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  1. I work for at&t and the Iphone is only 199$, the unlocked G1 is 399$ alot of our customers are getting the G1 unlocked and bringing it to At&t.

    People always say that other touchscreen phones are just 2nd hand if you cant afford the Iphone, but this is proof that people are just picking the G1 over the Iphone.

    Though the Iphone is 2 times as much people still want a G1. Im a T-mobile customer and I cant wait to get my G1.

  2. What in the world??? I thought the g1 wasn't out yet? Or are you speaking of those who pre ordered or something?

    And honestly, I could see people either leaving AT&T or bringing the g1 over by picking it over the iphone because the iPhone is too closed for me personally. And the fact that Apple has these limits on the apps just boggles my mind how people continue to justify some of Apple's tactics. Not sayin Google has been angels, but the Android platform has already shown some merits to me with the way some of the pre launch apps are. (but someone correct me if I am wrong cause I like to be informed than assumptive)
  3. 3xL

    3xL Member

    but thats no surprise... iphone is a terrible phone. sure its eye candy...but thats it. terrible onscreen keyboard. no hactic feedback, 2mp camera without video capture, no flash, closedsource..the list goes on. i love apple. i have 3 macs but damn,....they could of improved the phone with all the money they made/have ATLEAST added a slim slide out keyboard. maybe dual led or one xenon flash...brb gonna get some cookies...:p
  4. Huey Freeman

    Huey Freeman Well-Known Member

    unfortunately the G1 doesnt have video or a flash either..:(
  5. sleebus.jones

    sleebus.jones Well-Known Member

    This would be totally believable if the phone had been released to the general public. It would have been even more believable if you had left out the "alot" bit. Until then....

  6. OrganizedFellow

    OrganizedFellow Well-Known Member

    For your 'story' to be true, the phone has to be out already (it is not) and someone/team/developer has had to have created some hack/mod/app to unlock it (its not even out yet!)

    Same here.

    I call BULLSHIT, in plain sight.

    Calling this guy a liar.
  7. We get calls about the G1, people asking questions like

    I ordered the G1 and is it compatible with At&t network?

    I ordered the G1 can, I have my older phone unlocked?

    I want to cancel my account "May I ask why?" because I preordered the G1 and im switching to T-Mobile.

    I get atlest 3 calls a day about the G1, what im saying is people are customers with At&t and can easily get a Iphone, but they'd rather pay extra and get the G1.
  8. sleebus.jones

    sleebus.jones Well-Known Member

    Ah, now the truth comes out! :) "We get calls about the G1, people asking questions like..." is a WHOLE heck of a lot different than "alot of our customers are getting the G1 unlocked and bringing it to At&t." I completely believe that folks are calling and asking those questions.

    Won't help them a bit to have it unlocked, as they run on different 3G frequencies.

    N3TWORK BURN3R Well-Known Member

    I was just about to post that.

  10. You got to realize something, the G! brings alot more freedom than the iPhone. And that alone makes the Android Platform a threat to Windows Mobile and Apple. Google isn't going to be a company who says no when the platform itself (Android) doesn't allow for a no. They released a public SDK and essentially said show me what you got. Apple did it and said show us what you got but we (Apple) get to say what you can and can't do.

    Now I am sure Google will have a system in place to protect those of us from mailicous apps, but with Apple making the news of of mis steps or outright denials on their apps and some in the general public tiring of Windows Mobile, the fact Android has Google attached to it in any type of way catches people's attention.
  11. f.espinosa65

    f.espinosa65 Member

    I was about to leave T-Mo and get an Iphone but T-Mo offers insurance on the phone and AT&T doesn't that kept me with T-Mo. It wasn't till after signing up on this forum that I learned how interesting the G1 is!Honestly I am not a fan of T-Mo service the only carrier who hasn't jumped on the 3G network banwagon come on T-Mo. Lucky for them they are finally upgrading.
  12. bluesk1d

    bluesk1d Active Member

    That is true. However, I believe the G1 supports most of not all North American (and international if I am not mistaken) GSM frequencies.
  13. Haze23

    Haze23 Member

    Every app has a way for you to rate it and write comments. Before you download an app you can see if others liked it and if it worked on their device. If content is bad or corrupt, you can also flag it!!! We decide what we want and what stays. It is like youtube of apps. No one monitor, unlike the Iphoney. New apps are being added every day and right now every app is free!!!!!! If you get you early download everything you can. and then rate it. ***** Those are five stars for my post :) here is my rating for the iphone* :( and the G1***** :D
  14. sleebus.jones

    sleebus.jones Well-Known Member

    Absolutely true, but the OP was talking about taking the G1 specifically to the AT&T network. Running the G1 on EDGE only doesn't sound like a good time. ;)

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