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  1. BeansB99

    BeansB99 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 28, 2010
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    I am looking for some clarification on the difference between "Google" and "Phone" contact types. Perhaps also a general description of how it is all supposed to work.

    When I create a new contact on the phone I get to choose the contact type. My options are "Google", "sim" and "phone". It would appear that if I create a Google contact that it sync's with my Google account. If I create a "Phone" contact it sync's with Outlook through HTC Sync.

    There is something in the manual about linking contacts. Am I correct in my assumption that if I want to have a contact both on my PC and on my Goggle account that I would have to create 2 contacts, one "Phone" type and the other "Google" type and link them? Does this mean I will have duplicate contacts in my address book? I am not sure I fully understand what the link feature is for.

    Any holistic explanations of how it is all supposed to work will appreciated.




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