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Perfect Phone If OnlyGeneral

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  1. daviddcmd

    daviddcmd Well-Known Member

    I really like this phone. It's quick, the screen is fantastic and the battery life is the best I've had in any Android phone I've had.....but the camera is not up to par. Any suggestions on getting better pics either though an app or setting? I've got it set to all the standard setting. BTW the macro pics are pretty good.

  2. SeanPlunk

    SeanPlunk Well-Known Member

    Here you go.
  3. daviddcmd

    daviddcmd Well-Known Member

    Thanks dude but I assume from this the phone needs to be rooted and I have no idea how to do that. Unless someone in the DC are can help me out for a couple of beers.
  4. jas2743

    jas2743 New Member

    I use camera zoom fx, I get great pics.
  5. 1of7627

    1of7627 Well-Known Member

    Wow! Another CameraZOOM FX user! Bit of a learning curve, but I love it too. - MarkC
  6. cheery

    cheery New Member

    I also love the CameraZOOM FX on this phone. I think that LG may finally have a winner at its hand with the Optimus G. It remains to be seen how the Optimus G fares up in comparison to Samsung and Apple’s smart phones. To raise awareness and popularize the Optimus G, the LG is also giving many of these smart phones for free with Facebook contests such as https://www.facebook.com/LGEMalaysia/app_136949709807879 I wish they had such contest before I bought the phone :)
  7. surftheocean

    surftheocean New Member


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