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  1. mrsgracieday

    mrsgracieday Member

    I got my Zip on March 5th & have been roaming the web for the "perfect" set of apps that would combine frugal space use with functionality. I have widespread family members so Facebook & photo editing are essential. In addition, I read a LOT so having an all-around document viewer/editor is also imperative. After much trial & error, I currently have the following free apps, all acquired from the pre-installed Google Play:

    App & Version. App Size
    Advanced Mobile Care 2.1. 8.43 MB
    Kingsoft Office 5.3.4 (Free). 8.45 MB
    PicsArt 3.3.4. 6.63 MB
    Tinfoil for Facebook 1.1.5. 72.00 MB
    Play Store 3.10.14. 10.79 MB
    Jewel Quest 1.10. 316 KB
    Word Search 1.14. 1.38 MB
    Mahjong HD 1.50. 1.59 MB
    This leaves me with 47.98 MB of available internal space & a tiny PC!

  2. Ganon842

    Ganon842 Member

    If you're willing to root your phone I was able to use Link2sd to go from about 20mb free to 80mb.
  3. mrsgracieday

    mrsgracieday Member

    I would love to but haven't figured out how to outsmart my "smarter-than-me-so-far-phone" to accomplish that on the L75C.
  4. clark71822

    clark71822 Well-Known Member

    I have the following apps installed on my Zip, though my phone is rooted and has a 16gb SD card with a 7gb partition setup for installing apps on (probably a bit overkill but I like having plenty of room lol):

    As far as internal memory goes, I have 46.24 MB available, while I still have 6.75 GB available on my SD card's 2nd partition. I'll probably do some tweaking later on to free up more internal memory, but it's low on my priority list lol.

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