Performance difference between deodexed and odexed?

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  1. Theshawty

    Theshawty Member

    Hi guys. I've googled this a lot and browsed a lot of forums and I can't seem to find a through explanation on the pro's/con's with having either a deodexed or odexed firmware.

    I know that odex files are optimized dex files outside of the apk and that having it like this saves a bit of space in the dalvik cache folder and that the system boots faster after each consecutive dalvik wipe.
    This, however, makes it impossible or next to impossible to modify the files.

    I know that deodexed makes for some very easy modding, but that a deodexed rom has less available space (because dalvik takes up more) and that the apk's are no longer optimized because the odex files have been converted to normal dex files and compiled into the apk. This makes the system boot slower after each consecutive dalvik wipe as it has to rebuild the dalvik completely and that the system needs longer time to "settle" because of the caching.

    Over than that, is there any performance difference whatsoever between them? I've looked for this everywhere but haven't been able to find a logical answer. Some people say apps generally open faster and are much smoother, but is this actually true? Is it worth the time deodexing and reodexing every time you want to mod something?

    I don't think so. I like having a completely deodexed system /app+framework) just so that I can flash a mod easily whenever I please.


  2. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Rom performance based soley on odex or deodex I think is a non issue. But then again, I have not researched it. Just my opinion :)

    While what you have posted, clarifies the difference between odex and deodexed apk's, I think as you have stated, it's more of a theming issue, not performance.

    Once the system is booted up, alot more is dependent on performance than the way apk's are compiled. :)

    I have run roms that are odex'ed and deodexed and I cannot say whether the performance is better/worse because of it.

    Cheers back at ya :D
  3. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    odex is supposed to be slightly faster, but you can't really theme it properly so most custom ROMs are deodex

    I've never actually noticed a difference
  4. AlexRayquaza

    AlexRayquaza Well-Known Member

    The difference is that deodexed ROMs are lighter and allow modifications but odexed ROMs load faster.
    Some ROMs come with Zipalign at boot that make a deodexed ROM load as fast as an odexed ROM.
    I recommened a zip aligned deodexed ROM above a plain deodexed rom.
  5. Theshawty

    Theshawty Member

    To both of you: Thanks for your inputs! There's this guy on XDA who really thinks odexing is worth it and I've argued a bit with him about that. He thinks it's worth it because there is a notable difference but I fail to see where the difference would be notable except for the first boot after a dalvik wipe.

    I know that, I kinda wrote that in the OP (except for the zipalign part)

    What I want to know, though, is if there's a performance difference between the two while you're booted up. I take it there is none, but some say there is.
  6. AlexRayquaza

    AlexRayquaza Well-Known Member

    Only app performance really.
  7. Theshawty

    Theshawty Member

    Like the opening time and how smooth the transition is, or what? Because I've run both odexed and deodexed and can't find any difference. To even it out, I've run deodexed stock roms (no optimization tweaks many deodexed rom have) and the performance seems equal.

    I'm not even that old, I'm 20 this year so I should be able to percept any difference however negligible it is, but I don't. Positive thing, maybe.
  8. AlexRayquaza

    AlexRayquaza Well-Known Member

    Yes opening time and transitioning.
    Its not too noticible but if you have a timer you can see for yourself.
  9. Theshawty

    Theshawty Member

    Whatever difference there is, I sure as hell can't find anything that justifies even bothering oneself with odex.
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  10. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Its really not worth it because of the issues you have customizing the ROM.

    Modifications for odex ROMs have to be specific for that ROM, while a deodex modification can work on multiple
  11. Theshawty

    Theshawty Member

    A lot of people seem to mod whatever they wish, then when they're happy with it, they reodex using some reodex script. I couldn't ever bother myself with that as I'm never 100% happy. I switch roms a lot and I mod a lot as well. :p

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