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  1. jonoross949

    jonoross949 Active Member

    just wondering what the performance is like, i have a wildfire and allot of 3d an high res games aren't compatible with it, are there any problems like that on the Z? for example - speedx 3d, my wildfire is shockingly bad with it.. whats the Z like? is it laggish in any of the games? and another thing that ive become interested in the AR games - hows it with them? :D


  2. justme8800

    justme8800 Well-Known Member

    The Z is one of the highest performence handsets on the market. I've yet to see its graphics lag on anything.

    And that's BEFORE you crank up the underclocked processor.
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  3. jonoross949

    jonoross949 Active Member

    prefect. :)
    thank you :))


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