Perhaps the 8gb could already be app memory?General

  1. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Based on the architecure and depending how the device is set-up in the rom, perhaps there is a chance the 8gb already set up for apps....

    SAMSUNG Semiconductor - Products - Fusion Memory - MoviNAND

    Looks like I might be wrong on the release date not being 4/29, so maybe I am two for two wrong? Assuming Inc has MoviNand, of course and not just a microsd pre-installed....


    Blah! I think it would be "all or nothing", so either the whole 8gb is for apps (no way, since no media storage then), or some allocated. Perhaps XDA forums can correct this ;)

  2. NKT

    NKT Well-Known Member

    The Incredible has 8gb on board AND a microSD slot.
  3. greggds

    greggds Well-Known Member

    Couldn't find the link for you, but according to screenshots from Stericson (who did the original device dump at or about the same time NKT produced pictures of the latest test device with the black battery cover) the MoviNand was partitioned. He's usually pretty good at responding if you want to talk to him directly about it: Stephen (Stericson) on Twitter

    Oh...and he is an Android developer, btw that may be able to provide technical backing if that's what you're looking for.

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