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    Chemistry Periodic Table for your Android

    This is the most complete & configurable Periodic Table available. With these main features:

    • 118 elements. Find them instantly by name, symbol or number
    • 55 properties for each element. You can copy them to clipboard or reorder as you wish, so most used properties are on top
    • You can choose criteria used to set elements background color in the Table (by category, state, crystal structure...)
    • You can change which properties to appear directly in the table
    • Fast-access list with elements sorted as you choose

    • Android 2.0 or greater
    • Recommended: Touchscreen
    • Recommended: 480x320 screen resolution or more


    To see it in action, check this video

    • Free (ads-supported)

    (QR Code points to Android Market)

    Please leave any comments/suggestions. We will do our best to fulfill them.



  2. reinbeau

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    I have no use for it, but I like it! :) Maybe I'll grab it just because.
  3. jae_63

    jae_63 Well-Known Member

    Very nice, and I especially appreciate the detailed isotype information.

    Please make it installable on the SD card.

    Please include another atomic mass, which some of us would call the monoisotopic mass, which is the exact mass of the most common isotype. For carbon, this is exactly 12.

    Again, very nice job!
  4. DroidLa

    DroidLa Member

    Hi! Thanks for your comments.

    Version 1.4 of "Periodic Table Droid" has been released, including these features:

    - App-to-SD on Froyo (Android 2.2) and above
    - Monoisotopic mass

    Any more comments/suggestions/reviews are greatly appreciated.


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