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  1. bymis

    bymis Member

    Hey I've currently got a Orange Perk Upgrade from a previous company, was about to upgrade and the guy on the phone told me i'd loose the perk if i did it online.

    My question is do i need to re prove i'm still entitled to the perk or will i continue to get it if i go to the shop?

    I'm not going to mentor whether i still work for my old company or not i still work at the same place we all just got transfered.

  2. bymis

    bymis Member

    No Answers?

    I'm happy if i loose it as out company has changed its provider, i don't plan too, I just want to save myself a 14 mile journey into the City to upgrade would rather do it over the phone if I'm going to loose it?
  3. bymis

    bymis Member

    Upgraded Early today and retained my Perk :)

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