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    Mar 20, 2013
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    I admit, I am an iphone, samsung galaxy2 10.1.( both). I just got the Samsung and I thought there would be more crossover and I am not picking up the new platform at all. I am not seeing any directions for the completely lost new user. ( I do understand apps vs widgets, as of ten min ago!). When i am looking at downloading apps they all require pretty significant "permissions" to be able to dl them.
    I also did full gmail sync. I want the tablet for the occasional netflix but mostly email & goog docs because I use it irl a ton and spreadsheets. Also as a POS for my small business.
    * I noticed that there were a great deal of photos in my gallery that were mine, did those come from google email sync? they were old photos of me, it was odd.
    do I need 5 pages?
    *if I trash something, how do I "uninstall" as well?
    *can I set Chrome as my default browser?
    I hope Im in the correct spot to ask these questions. Im having alot of stress because I did not realize it would be this hard.

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    Oct 7, 2012
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    When you open Chrome, if you don't have a default set, a checkbox will pop up and ask you if you want to make it the default. Later, if you change your mind, you can go to Settings>Applications>Chrome>Clear Default.

    You can change the sync settings under Settings>Accounts
    I never sync because I have too many email accounts on my tab. I just confuse myself. :D

    Yeah, you should look at the various items under Settings and explore a bit. At least get an idea of what's under the hood.

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