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  1. crsf29

    crsf29 Member


    Newly registered, long time lurking. I have a question about a problem that has recently developed. I removed my stock memory card (16gb) and exchanged it for an 8gb card. The 16gb card is going in my Nikon. =D

    Well now it's giving me a red SD card on the notifications bar, telling me I'm outta space. I call bullshit, and I'll explain....

    I open the notification, and it takes me to "Manage Applications". Ok, Gmail storage is at ~86mb, Dialer storage at ~17, etc. So, I check under SD Card and Phone Storage: Card 7.4 GB Available, Internal Phone 1.33 GB available.

    "Da****?" I say...

    No Photos. No videos. Brand new card. Next to nothing being used at all. (Which is why I downsized the card in the first place).

    So, I open the Task Manager>Summary. RAM:230/325MB Program Storage:182MB/1.51GB PERSONAL DATA:94.99MB/105MB External SD Card: 5.25 MB/7.4GB

    It's the personal data section of my phone that seems to be the only part that is close to a limit.

    WHY? ,pray tell, is there a limit of 105MB on something? I just don't understand.

    What would be considered "Personal Data?", how can I increase the limit/reduce what's included so that this doesn't happen? It is ANNOYING.

    I just don't understand. It's like I've got a storage locker, and I wanna put my collection of, say, Disney figures in it. And the locker says "That corner can only hold Mickey Mouse ones, and you've got no more room in that corner. And I'm sorry if your collection is only Mickey Mouse ones, you're shit outta luck. Storage locker is closed." Grr...

    I want the phone to take whatever data I give it, and put it wherever there is available space. Just make it happen. Maybe I'm too practical.

    You might understand my frustration if you feel the sarcasm in what I have written. Otherwise, no real problems encountered with the phone. =D


    P.S.-Please help, or I'll crush my phone with a pitching wedge. You hear that, Samsung? A pitching wedge. I'm serious.

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  2. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    Did you go under settings and unmount the SD card before you removed it?
  3. crsf29

    crsf29 Member

    I don't remember if I did or not, which means I probably didn't. What can I do? I've already got the 8gb card in the phone and the 16gb has already been formatted and used in my Nikon.

    What do you suggest that I do?

  4. crsf29

    crsf29 Member


    Reformatted my SD card. No changes. I increased the limit on text messages per thread, MMS messages per thread, etc. Even though the settings were already configured to delete messages if excessive per thread. I also got out the user manual, and in the .pdf index it lists the only reference to personal data on page 109. Quoting...

    "Personal Data
    Factory data reset
    Use Factory data reset to return your phone to its factory
    defaults. This setting erases all data from your phone, including
    your Google or other email account settings, system and
    application data and settings, and downloaded applications. It
    will not erase current system software and bundled applications,
    or files stored on an optional installed memory card, such as
    music or photos.
    1. From the Home screen, touch Menu ➔ Settings ➔
    2. Touch Factory data reset, then follow the prompts to
    perform the reset."

    So, that looks to be my only option from the Manual's point of view. I am so confused right now. I will be going to my USCC store within the next two hours to have a discussion with one of the professionals. I will let you know what may come of that discussion.

  5. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    Let us know how it turns out. But be prepared for the USCC rep at the store to not have any more ideas than you do. Unless they happen to have used the phone themselves and/or run into a similar problem with another customer already.
  6. crsf29

    crsf29 Member

    Yeah USCC rep had little information. I can understand because they've got so many phones, they're likely only to know the common answers.

    I'm pretty sure that the personal data storage thing isn't able to be set by the user, which is "lackluster" to say the least. My opinion is that there shouldn't be a limit on something like that.

    I've also determined that the majority of my personal data is being used by e-mails. They only take up a tiny amount individually, but my Sync days setting was set to 999, and I have over 3500 e-mails on the phone. So, yeah, that's probably the source of my usage.

    So, deleting emails to get rid of the Alert. Still not happy about having a data storage limit.
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  7. droidzach

    droidzach New Member

    3500 emails?? holy crap man! :D You are right individually they are probably small but 3500 of them?
    The storage limit is there so there is room for applications, contacts storage, messages, and emails. Would you rather have every email you have ever sent or have some room for contacts and applications? I do agree that some adjustability on the users end would be nice, but for the majority of people either it is plenty of space, or they shouldn't be messing with stuff like that anyways. Plus this phone has a lot more internal storage than most do.
  8. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    Re: 3500 emails: If you would consider using the "K9 Email App," you would have the option to have all of your messages stored on your SD card, which would then greatly free-up your personal data. Just a thought. Maybe the 2.2 update will have an option for email storage to the SD card?
  9. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    +1 for K9. It solves so many issues with the stock email platform. I honestly don't know why Google just doesn't take K9's code and overwrite the stock platform with it.
  10. krisolin

    krisolin New Member

    Is there a short cut to deleting all emails from your phone? Or just the good old one-by-one method? I've got a Galaxy S and I have the same bloody problem with the personal data getting full every time I boot up my phone.:eek:
  11. krisolin

    krisolin New Member

    I've got a Samsung Galaxy S and I had the same bloody problem with my personal data getting full every time I booted up my phone.:eek: What is more, I had a hard time even accessing my phone as I kept on receiving these annoying "The application (Samsungthisandthat) has quit unexpectedly" -messages.

    My personal data allowance was, and is 127 MB and it was totally full: 127/127! I was wondering how is this possible as I have oozes of empty storage on my phone, plus a external 2GB card.

    The problem was the cool feature of syncing your Gmail with your phone. As you know Android is done by Google, so it is pretty obvious that they would like to sync an Android phone with their email service. Yes, the sync is actually very cool, however, it causes this problem of overloading your personal data. The sync keeps on feeding your phone with emails and contact details as long as your personal data has room and then...kaboom! Game over!

    If this happens to you, here's what you need to do. For this idea I owe thanks to crsf29. Thanks, mate!

    Step 1. Clean out your Gmail account. I had over 7.000 emails and I dropped it down to less than 600.

    Step 2. Delete all your unnecessary contacts from your Gmail contacts. While you're there update all your important contacts with mobile numbers, addresses, pictures etc.

    Step 3. Delete ALL your Contacts from your phone. Yes, this will kill all you phone numbers, but if you have them stored on your Gmail account you'll get them all back later in step 5.

    Step 4. Delete all Gmail data on your phone. This will get rid of all your emails on your phone, not your Gmail account. Reboot your phone.

    After I did these two simple cleaning operations my personal data dropped from totally full 127/127 to 5.26MB! So, now I had over 120 MB of personal data left over. Woohoo!

    Step 5. Turn on the Gmail sync on your phone and let it download your cleaned up emails and contact details from your Gmail account. As I did a thorough cleanup on my Gmail account my personal data increased only about a 1 MB. So, now it is 6.56/127.

    Problem solved! :D

    Oh, and while you are working on your phone it is a very good idea to hook it up to Samsung Kies and update your phone software. The latest version includes a very cool Task Manager where you can view these storage features as well as control your RAM.

    Kris Olin - Web Designer - Underground Culture, Rock Art, Hollywood and other, rather useless sheid.
  12. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    Which Samsung Galaxy S are you using? The i9000 is a completely different phone that the i500 (which is what the Mesmerize is based on). Both are considered to be Galaxy S phones.
  13. Monty03

    Monty03 New Member

    I have this problem! I have a Samsung Galaxy the GT-I9000 and it says my personal data is full 127mb/127mb. I dont have an SD card and I dont use the Gmail on my phone so can anyone suggest what I do to fix this problem?
  14. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    Delete all text messages, phone history logs, app caches, unnecessary contacts. See how much space that frees up and go from there.
  15. kcc999

    kcc999 New Member

    My wife's phone had similar problems to those above (Galaxy S) but I went through all the suggestions (thanks everyone) and ended up doing the following:
    1) Accessed phone as USB, emptied DCIM/Camera (had 238 MB on it), that was very little help;
    2) Removed/deleted all aspects of Media Hub <- THIS WAS HUGE! It immediately got rid of the problem with the "Personal Data" being maxed out (for us, it was 105 MB). It went from 105 MB to 18 MB. My wife is not computer savvy so we have NO IDEA what was going on with the media hub. She doesn't use anything like that on her phone.
    Bizarre to say the least.
    Thanks for the suggestions - it pointed me in the direction.
    Very happy now.
  16. bale67

    bale67 New Member

    I came across the problem in the title... which makes me very disappointed!

    By the way how can I fix it?

    I read around that you should clean-up my gmail mailbox...

  17. Ahmed Abdin

    Ahmed Abdin New Member

    finally i get solved to this issue
    to clear Personal Data in Task Manager
    1. Go to Menu
    2. Internet
    3. Press Menu Button on Internet and then More
    4. Settings on menu
    5. and then Clear [cache-history-Cookie-form data-location access]
    and then return to Task Manager to see Personal Data
    it will be decrease about 25 MB

    when you successful to solve it
    please refer me about result
  18. scott_

    scott_ Well-Known Member

    Try a different browser app.
    I use Dolphin, with the option to automaticly delete the cache and history on exit.
  19. Ahmed Abdin

    Ahmed Abdin New Member

    Really i get a solve for this issue
    now you can remove and clear personal data on you samsung device
    just follow the next steps:

    1. Application->Setting->Applications
    2. and then Manage Applications or Running Services
    3. Select All
    4. Press Menu button and select Sort by size
    5. Search for Media Storage
    6. Click on it and then Press to Clear Catch button

    return to see Personal Data on Task Manager again
    you will be see cleared and removed

    good luck

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