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  1. SleepyOne

    SleepyOne New Member

    I would like to put a personal message alert tone on my HTC Desire C phone. When I sync my phone to my computer, the files that show up are; Android, DCIM, Download, and LOST D.IR. After tinkering a bit, I was able to put the music on my phone but it would only be set to a ringtone. Where as I want it set to a message alert. Is there a way for me to do this? Do I need a SIM card? I think I only have a SD card. I'd really like to be able to have personal message alert tones on my phone but don't know how to do this.

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hi SleepyOne. Welcome to Android Forums. When connecting your phone to your PC you should set the phone to mass storage mode.. or whatever it is on your phone.. Not Charge Mode. You can then use your Windows file browser to see the folders and files that are on the phone and your SD card. You will want to put your alert tone in either the Alarm or Notification folder. It should then be an option to use when you go through your list of notifications. I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy these forums.
  3. tropico

    tropico New Member

    Olbriar beat me to it. I did as he ( or she ) described when I first got my phone, and it works. I also downloaded Easy Reminder which I find very good. Although you are going to need a sim card for that.
  4. Gods_Pianist

    Gods_Pianist Active Member

    go to the notifications folder in your SD card, add your tones, (in my phone, i converted my mp3s to m4a's, since the sample tone on the notifications folder was in m4a, so i assumed that that's the format that will work on the notifications selection screen. after adding your songs to the notifications folder, you can now add your personal selections and use it as message worked for me.:)
  5. SleepyOne

    SleepyOne New Member

    Thanks for welcoming me to the forums. How do I see the files and folders on my SD card and my phone? When I connect my phone to my laptop, I choose the mas storage mode and only see the folders I listed above. I chose the Disk Drive option. The others are charge, sync manager, USB tethering, and internet pass-through.

    I downloaded astro manager and have found where the notifications are. But it won't let me move the music files over. It says "could not write file". How do I fix this?

    I also tried the File manager app but don't know how to move a file. When I copy it and try to move to the notification file, the past option unhighlights itself.
  6. Gods_Pianist

    Gods_Pianist Active Member

    hmmm..connecting to pc has 4 options: Charge only, Disk Drive/mass Storage, USB Tethering, Internet Pass-Through, and Sync Manager. if you choose Disk drive, you should be able to open the HTC Storage (the phone's storage location containing all the folders you mentioned. if your SD card is recognized, there should be modre folders to it like _android_secure, nero sync,.clipboard, .mmsycache, Android, and others. you should find the Notifications folder on the outer (root part) of your SD card. otherwise, your SD card might not be detected by the phone. just try. and yeah, for File exploorer, if you don't have it already, use Android File Manager or Astro file manager. available in the playstore. hope this helps. :)
  7. SleepyOne

    SleepyOne New Member

    I open the HTC storage but those are the only folders I see. I'm pretty sure I only have a SIM card, not a SD. If I got a SD card, would it work then?
  8. Gods_Pianist

    Gods_Pianist Active Member

    yes. you do need an SD card, of course. since Notifications folder won't show up on HTC Storage (phone memory). and if you want to view the internal files and folders on your device (applicable for both the phone memory and SD card), just so you'll be acquainted, like i said, install a file explorer app like Astro File manager or Android File manager. with that, you can copy/move/paste/delete files on your phone/SD card without actually connecting to your pc. once you insert an SD card to your device (supports up to 32GB. cool, eh? i got 16GB on mine), then the phone will put additional folders on your SD card..folders for gallery, music, Android (which serves as the program files folder for your installed apps SD Data), .android_secure, and other folders..the folders that i mentioned on my last reply to you, those .nero_sync and all that, will appear if you mount an SD card. no wonder you didn't find them, you have no SD card installed. hope this helps.:)

    P.S: and oh, by the way, you really need to install a File Manager/Explorer on this device since HTC Desire C has no file explorer. it will be helpful, especially if you download some .apk files (app installer extension for android is .apk), you will have a hard time locating it if you don't have a file explorer. i recommend either the ASTRO or Android File Manager.

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