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    Hi all

    We've built a highly innovative and beautiful calendar/planning app - a combination of planner and Mind Map.

    Change colors, set event icons, add attachments, set location on Google map, set recurrence and easily search events - all of that synced with your Google Calendar, if you wish.

    Finally, visually link events together - think Mind Map for your project (or your life!) turned into actual tasks and dates.

    Please email to:

    and we will send you the .apk.

    Our app is mainly intended for tablets (7" and more), but we're yet to check the user experience on different devices.
    Minimum OS requirement - 4.0 and higher (Jellybean).

    We are looking to build a community of testers before release.

    Those who provide feedback will get full version for free + lifetime upgrades!

    Looking forward to getting in touch with you.

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    We're several weeks from release.

    Thank you to all who signed up already, and we're still looking for more testers - mail to !
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