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  1. dakev

    dakev Well-Known Member

    Can someone please point me to a website that explains how to add my own custom ring tones AND alerts?

    Seems like I should be able to find that myself... but I'm having trouble.


  2. Merago

    Merago Well-Known Member

    Taken from my blog-

    • Connect the Hero to your computer via the USB cable
    • Open the Notifications screen on your Hero (pull down a finger from the top of the screen to the bottom) and select the USB Storage notification
    • Choose "Mount"
    • Browse to the SD Card on your PC
    • Look for a folder called media, if it's not there, create it by right clicking and choosing New Folder, then rename the folder to be media
    • Inside the media folder, you need a folder called audio, again, if it's not there create it as above
    • Inside the audio folder, you can create a subfolder for the sound category you want to change-
      • ringtones - for sound files you want to use as ringtones
      • alarms - for sound files you want to use for any alarms
      • notifications - for incoming notifications such as SMS alerts, emails, etc
    • Copy your sound file in to the relevant folder
    • You should now see your sound file listed in the menu for selection in the relevant sound settings menu (to access the ringtone/notification settings, press the hard Menu key from one of your home screens, then press Settings then Sounds and Display)
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  3. dakev

    dakev Well-Known Member

    Thank you.
  4. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    Thanks Merago.

    I did this and found I still have to locate the mp3 file and tell the phone to make it a ringtone. It doesn't show on standard lists.

    Not a problem, I just thought I'd mention it.

    Do you know how to set your own mp3 as alert for Chomp?
  5. ushuaia

    ushuaia New Member

    as far as i know, android sees the .ogg files as ringtone automaticly. you can convert and try again

    edit: i tried and working for galaxy :)
    p.s. don't forget to restart the phone


  7. andygo

    andygo Member

    I have updated to 2.1 but since then it wont play my custom alert when I get an text message. It sees it in the menu, plays it when I select it in the menu, but not when I get a text, just the default alert sound.

    Ihave tried deleting and replacing it on my sd card, but the issue remains. The sound is installed as an amr file which used to work fine before the update.

    Anyone got any suggestions?
  8. peterc10

    peterc10 Well-Known Member


    thanks - works fine for my ringtone.

    But may be worth adding one bit of advice. I think you have to unmount before you can set the new ringtone because the phone can't see the SD card when it mounted - is that correct?
  9. Green Mountain

    Green Mountain New Member

    New at this. Am I writing to the group?
  10. Green Mountain

    Green Mountain New Member

    Good. Please help me find an ap. I need my phone and calendar to alert me in noisy places, when I am far away from it, and when I miss the first alert.

    ie: After I shut off the buzz saw and take out my earplugs, is it time to move my car for changes in parking regulations? Is my client trying to reach me? Am I supposed to clean up and rush to a meeting with a building inspector? Now, if I did not hear it the first time, I wind up getting a parking ticket, towed, or other bad things...
  11. peterc10

    peterc10 Well-Known Member

    This is the HTC Hero forum and you have an HTC Incredible - may be better to repost in the Incredible forum (or maybe a mod can move it for you?).

    For phone calls my standard Hero tells me if I have a missed call - there is a warning icon in the top header field. With missed appointment reminders or alarms (you can use either to remind you of an event) I am not sure if they show on the phone as standard or not. If they don't there are plenty of free alarm apps in the market to try to see if they do

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