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  1. rizgud

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  2. toreshii

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  3. batorgil

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    i purchased Motorola XT720 from Korea. and now i am using Mongolia.
    My phone network wasn't running first. then i unlocked my phone by mobile unlocker.
    now i only can talk 2G, but not running 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi, any others. how to unlock these?

    how can i reinstall my phone framework 2.1 by new

    please help me!
  4. mmr1kor

    mmr1kor New Member


    I am new to using anroid phones.

    Currently using Motoroi XT720 in south korea. I will back in india next Month.

    Any idea how to remove the lock on the phone so that i can use the same phone in India.

    Best Regards,

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