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Phandroid chat still in dev?

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  1. darkwispr

    darkwispr Well-Known Member

    I've been in the chat, and I've been connected long time, does it work? I only see my echoes...

  2. stevealbright

    stevealbright Developer Administrator

    Currently there is no plan to update the IRC Chat of the old Phandroid app. The IRC Chat is still alive so you can connect via any IRC client.

    We have talked about this but it doesn't make much sense for us to include this in any of our future apps because it is very bulky to support. There are some very good IRC clients out there that are for free that you could also use for this. I would think that most users of IRC would connected to multiple rooms so its a little overkill for us to have it in our app for one room.


  3. brendajbravo

    brendajbravo New Member

    Please also reply any one solution for IRC Chat?
    I will be thankful to you if you will try to solve this issue.

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