Phandroid Google Glass invite contest - post your interest here too!

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  1. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator

    (Phandroid post will be live shortly)

    As you may know, Phandroid is holding a Mega Google Glass Invite series of contests. It will be a lot of fun, but unfortunately we are limited to US residents and you must be willing to spend $1,500 to purchase the Google Glass hardware.

    SO, as you can see in the rules, should an international winner or someone without buying intentions be selected, we will give them a gift card and select a new invitee from THIS thread.

    All US based members with genuine interest to pay $1,500 for Google Glass are invited to reply below to be entered in this "second change" raffle of sorts. Please read the rules and regulations on the contest post to make sure you qualify before posting and understand the limitations. (For example, you may only have 1 forum account.)

    DO NOT POST HERE if you don't plan on using the invite yourself! Any attempt to sell or transfer a Glass Invite will result in a permanent ban on

    Good luck, and have fun!

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  2. bradmyers

    bradmyers Member

    I'd love to give my son a chance to use Google Glass. He's 10 and already well on his way to a enjoying all things geeky. He told me last week that is #1 goal for 2014 is to use Google Glass. I'd love to make that happen for him.. and also for myself!
  3. andrewl9891

    andrewl9891 New Member

    I'm going to try entering all the contests you guys have set up for the 9 Days of Glass or whatever but heres to hoping I win the random if someone wins and can't afford it
  4. alynch

    alynch New Member

    Already set aside the funds for Glass... Now just need the invite code to complete the circle.
  5. Goodguyaries

    Goodguyaries Active Member

    I would like to be entered for the second chance... If chosen, I could use the credit for chromecast. Good luck to me.. Yay ... And all others!
  6. techymexican

    techymexican Member

    Already have the funds available for google glass! it's on the (Do not Touch, reserved for Glass) account. I already did the 5 posts too :D hoping to try out revolutionary Google Glass :D It would make a perfect addition to my Nexus 5. It hurts driving by the google office at Venice knowing google glass is only a few feet away.
  7. Goodguyaries

    Goodguyaries Active Member

    Think that's bad, try working in a google Cafe and seeing all the glass. Working at that place was like being an oompha loompa and not being able to eat chocolate.
  8. BSBarrows

    BSBarrows New Member

    I would love to get a chance to try these out! I am all about wearable technology, I have had the Pebble smart watch for some time and would love to step it up a notch and get the Glass!
  9. theNickC

    theNickC New Member

    Got the funds set aside for glass and will be entering the daily contests. Nice to have this as back-up option!
  10. jeremyseattle

    jeremyseattle Member

    Hoping to win one of the daily contests, but might as well go for a second chance!
  11. Cicciarelli

    Cicciarelli Member

    I've been trying to get one since the #ifihadglass contest. Hopefully this will be my lucky week.
  12. skyallen

    skyallen New Member

    I would like to put my name in the hat for a second chance. :)
  13. chriseckman

    chriseckman Member

    I have the funds and would love to get an invite. Hope you guys pick me! Thanks.
  14. Goodguyaries

    Goodguyaries Active Member

    When will you guys announce the winner of the first round?
  15. scoutconnor

    scoutconnor Member

    If anyone has a spare invite, I'll take it off your hands :)
  16. digitalrecluse

    digitalrecluse New Member

    I have the funds available and would love to get my hands on a pair. Good luck to everyone!
  17. rokinus

    rokinus New Member

    That's a good idea to make people happy. Thanks and good luck to everyone.
  18. kentowin

    kentowin New Member

    I'd love an invite. I'm such a tech geek people just expect me to have glass!
  19. 56effie

    56effie Member

    Just incase my photoshop photos aren't funny enough...
  20. Psmith000

    Psmith000 Member

    I would definitely like to partake in some Google Glass activity. I am trying my hand at the contests but who knows how that will go. I believe I have a credit card that is not maxed out yet for the $1500 purchase. If not, I can sell my car and walk to work. Or eat Ramen Noodles for a year. Priorities!!
  21. kflanegan

    kflanegan Member

    I would love a second chance at a Google Glass invite in case anyone can't use theirs. I'm always trying out new gadgets and would love the opportunity to try some next gen wearable tech.
  22. beavalex

    beavalex New Member

    Why I am a perfect fit for Google Glass invite?

    1) I'm 18
    2) I live in SF and can easily pick up
    3) I'm a college student with $1,500 to burn
    4) I do nothing all day and have plenty of time to enjoy them
    5) I love technology
    6) I would appreciate and consider it an honor to be invited!

    Thanks for the read. Hopefully I get luck ;-)
  23. dimos

    dimos New Member

    At least we have the second chance. Hating myself for missing the photoshop contest though, would have been fun. Thanks for the opportunity

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