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Phantom Skinz Black Carbon FiberAccessories (Browse All)

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  1. Storm613

    Storm613 Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 30, 2010
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    Idk if anyone is interested in the Phantom Skinz chromatics, but these carbon fiber skinz are pretty cool. They recently came out with them for the Dinc, so I got one :). Mine is in black, but they also have them in white. They are $30, but if you use the "Winter30" code at checkout, it will come to about $21, and it comes with 2 screen protectors. Not a bad deal.

    Phantom Skinz Chromatics for HTC Droid Incredible- Colored Protection Film

    Here are pictures of mine, I couldn't find my digital camera so I just have pictures of the back cover for now. Maybe I'll upload pictures of the whole phone sometime :p The only thing you can't see from these are the pices that cover the edge of the phone.


    Overall, I would recommend it, I just wish it didn't come in so many pieces. I believe if they just made it one whole piece for the back cover, If a hair dryer was used it would sort of "melt" into place, kind of like shrink wrap.


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