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  1. fastwing76

    fastwing76 Member

    I have installed phantom skinz full body matte kit on my phone. I have order online so what I got in the package is.
    1-two full body matte kit.
    2-two matte screen protectors.
    3-two clear screen protectors.
    4-squeegy card and application instruction impeded in the package from inside.
    I started installation by applying the back piece first which was very difficult since HTC desire z (g2) is curvy from on the back side. the first piece didn't fit and I kinda missed it up so I brought out the other back piece and applied it after several attempts it finally fit and was almost perfect, after passing through the hardest steps I proceeded to the other pieces which were easy and quick to install.
    the kit fit perfectly and the touch is classy and grippy. u don't have to worry about hand sweet or finger prints especially on the screen.
    the matte screen protector I installed is anti glare no worries about fingerprints, there is one issue thu, its not as clear as the normal protector, it doesn't matter for me since I don't watch movies or pictures.
    u can almost notice the protector on the phone. now here is the best thing, as I mentioned before the back part didn't fit the first time so I contacted the customer service regarding this issue wanting a replacement piece so they quickly replied tell me they will have it sent a s a p.
    I will post pictures if anyone is interested .

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Welcome to Android Forums, and thanks for the review!

    I've moved it into the Accessories section, as it will be of great interest to anyone looking for advice on how to protect their handset. It's always good to get first-hand experience from users rather than relying on the manufacturers' claims alone.
  3. fastwing76

    fastwing76 Member

    am actually new to this whole thread forum thing, and this is my first post, how can u move post to another section? .. and will i be able to receive users replies on my email ... thank u.

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