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    Hi guys
    My first contact. Nice to know there is help out there as I am new to smartfones, and up to just not really enjoying the experience. Things can only get better. Coupla questions

    If I, or anyone else has a simple question like the one following, where do we post it please ? Can I get a reminder to my email address that a reply is made ? ( think I just found it at the bottom of this page) answers for such as me have to be in baby language please.

    Q: I have downloaded my Outlook contacts to the phone. Easy peasy. Whenever I ring one of them it removes this contact from the main list and places the contact in a recently phoned list, that is not even in alphabetical. How can I stop it doing this so that it leaves the contacts where they should be ?

    Kindest regards to all

  2. NightAngel79

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    Welcome to Android Forums!!

    If your question is directly linked/specific to what kind of phone you have then from the main page here go to section for HTC Desire. It has a general area as well as a area just for support/troubleshooting
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    Welcome to the Android Forums!
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  5. Griff_LI

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    Hmm... I may not be following what you're saying OP but it sounds like you're confusing things. When you phone someone their number gets placed into the recent calls list. As you say this isn't alphabetical, it's chronological (last call received/made first). It doesn't, however, remove the contact from your address book.

    If you want to dial someone not on the recent list you can either use Menu->People to go to the address book (or launch People from another shortcut on a homepage or app list).

    The easier way, however, is simply to start typing the name you want to phone (T9 style) and it'll offer you the people who's name matches, as you type the list gets smaller, eventually you'll either hit a single contact or it'll drop into number mode because you haven't got a matching contact name. Once the person you want to call is in the list, prod their name and it'll phone 'em.


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