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  1. susan906

    susan906 New Member

    This morning my husband's phone started playing a tone incessantly. There are no notifications, and as soon as you touch the notifications bar at the top the tone stops. At random intervals during the day it starts up again. The tone is not one that is in the ring tone list (it is two annoying buzzes). It isn't his calendar, alarm clock, or anything else we can find.

    Anyone else experienced this? Is it a virus? He is running Lookout.

  2. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    Is the phone running ICS or gingerbread stock? With the recent updates to the phone to ICS things are getting kinda crazy because numerous tasks calendar and other notifications may not have gone in properly. I personally have not experienced this type of problem but it may be because of the new update which is quite buggy and it has turned some people upside down.
  3. susan906

    susan906 New Member

    Yeah, he just installed ICS. It started after that. He's been deleting apps to see if that makes it go away (he updated them all but that didn't help).
  4. rdgeorge

    rdgeorge New Member

    I've experienced a similar problem.

    After the automatic update to Android 4.0, I have been receiving random rings (one or two) throughout the day and night.

    The sound played is the "Postman" setting (a short ring). I have made no settings to cause this to occur.

    The problem started about a week or two ago when my phone updated itself to the new operating system.

    I'm sure it's a bug in 4.0, but I haven't found many others having the same problem, nor do I know what to do to solve it.
  5. Bandaid

    Bandaid Well-Known Member

    Have you tried a master reset? It could help. Of course a reset will wipe out your apps which can always be reinstalled. As for contacts and calendar you can always re-sync to get them back.

    A. Turn the phone off.
    B. Place one finger in the middle of the volume control so both volume controls are pressed simultaneously with one finger on the power button. When you the phone vibrates one time, remove finger holding the power button while still holding the volume buttons until recovery appears.
    C. Select wipe data/factory reset and follow the prompts.
    D. Select wipe cache partition and follow the prompts.
    E. Reboot.

    That’s how we reset.

    Good luck.
  6. Kristina424

    Kristina424 Member

    I just did the update as well and I didn't have any issues until I logged in and set up the Samsung Social Hub. Do you have that running? There aren't any notification settings and I couldn't find anything in sound settings but I did notice that whenever the random noise happened I had something in my social hub. depending on if you have your phone on an auto sync or not probably will affect the amount of notification alarms you will get. Check that out I just deleted all my accounts from the hub and tested it by sending an email to myself and no alert so I think that was my issue.

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