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Phone App on Android 2.01

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  1. Dadman

    Dadman New Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 22, 2009
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    A crazy question about how to use the phone app on my Droid.

    I came from the Iphone and in the phone app it had a 'hold' button, so if someone called you while you were talking, you could put them on hold

    On my Droid, when another call comes in, my only choice is to 'accept' or 'deny' by swiping left or right, I suppose.

    The only way to go back to the original call is to touch the 'manage calls' button in upper left corner of screen.

    This will take me back to my original call, but it does not disconnect me from the second call. Make sense?

    Can anyone offer any advice? Is there a 3rd party phone app?



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