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  1. mills23

    mills23 Well-Known Member

    How is the phone app? Does it take a lot of clicks to get to a number you wanna call? I have the GS3 and it takes, phone> contacts (or faves ect)> person>pick a number then green phone button. Seems like a lot

  2. lochaos

    lochaos Active Member

    Haven't used mine as a phone yet :)
  3. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    If the person is already in your Contacts:

    Start entering name (or number)
    Select from autocomplete list

    The only quicker way is either direct-dialling the number or using a shortcut on your homescreen.
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  4. newtoandroid99

    newtoandroid99 Well-Known Member

    You can set up speed dials via the number pad or you can add favorite widgets and you can also use s voice or google now to call. You can also call the contact on displayed on screen by lifting the phone to your ear. It has so many easy ways to call it's crazy.
  5. crabman

    crabman Well-Known Member

    Using contacts is possibly the slowest way to a phone number. Its faster to simply type their name into the dialpad and they will soon show up. Better is to do the same but in a more fully featured dialer. I use dialer one because it prioritizes your dialpad searches based on not just the possible matches but the most called matches amongst them which are taken to the top of the list preferentially. It is seldom you type in more than a few letters before the contact you want comes up. This needs to be enabled in the settings or it will show the matching contacts alphabetically as the stock dialer does. It also supports swiping in between the contacts which are brought up simultaneously behind the dialpad which can be swiped down, the call log, favorites or any combination of those. I use only contacts and call log and have it default to showing the call log behind the dialer. This because any real favorite will already be showing in the call log anyways making it redundant. Between the ready access to the call log, preferential searching via dialpad and up to 99 speed dials it makes it pretty hard not to get to a number quickly. The only reason I actually even have the contacts available to swipe to is because occasionally I cant remember the name of a contact so I will browse it until I see it. By having the ability to swipe to it in the dialer I don't even have to have contacts which I rarely use take up a space on my desktop.
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  6. barryl85

    barryl85 Well-Known Member

    All you need to do is swipe accross someones name, just like the GS3 to make a call, doesn't take a million steps, you can even do it from the messaging list.

    No hard feelings but is it really that much of an issue to go into your contact list to call someone?
  7. crabman

    crabman Well-Known Member

    Its not an issue Barry, its a matter of time management. Unless you have few contacts in order to get to that name in the first place using contacts takes longer than using the dialpad and the more contacts you have the longer it takes. Few contacts isn't the way it tends to work out for most people with a smartphone however. Once you figure out Uncle Google never forgets your phone numbers and the phone can quickly and easily search to any of them you start loading them on your phone. The Chinese take out place down the road, got it, the veterinarian, on the phone, everyone I interact with on more than a singular basis, on my phone. For me this is more than 700 contacts thanks to a sync with (some) work phone numbers. There are people who have thousands if they have their phones syncing with work contact lists. Once you start putting the smart into your phone getting to a phone number quickly means you need something more robust than scrolling through a contact list. This is the beauty of a dialer that prioritizes your search by times contacted. I have a passel of work numbers but most of them I don't call at all, they're just there in case I need them. The remainder can be further divided into those I seldom call and those I call with real frequency. By using an intelligent search result that sorts the contacts by relevance I have in effect removed seldom or in some cases never called numbers from my search making the contacts list smaller.

    In the end Barry if you don't have a lot of contacts using the contact app is fine. If you do its the slowest possible way of getting from point A to B that I'm aware of.
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  8. shiguera

    shiguera New Member

    You are completely right. There are way toooo many clicks to call someone! If I want to call someone, why does it take me to a screen where I can also send a message? If I wanted to send a message I'd go to the Messages "app". It really annoys me to have to click so many times for a simple call! This app has to be fixed, it s*cks!
    I also have an HTC and it's 2 clicks and done!
  9. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    You only have to tell it you intend to use phone once if you start at contacts (instead of starting with phone and then going to contacts from there).

    I'm sure that's not your main point. Just thought it was worth pointing out in a thread about saving keystrokes.
  10. jmw3025

    jmw3025 Active Member

    I like this dialer, but it seems that it's just an interface or layer on top of the TW stock dialer which pops up as soon as I've dialed a number. I HATE the Samsung stock phone app--just way too cutesy for my taste. Would prefer a look & feel that is more professional. Any suggestions?

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