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  1. Renlaan

    Renlaan Active Member

    How do I back up my phone (contacts,aps,pics and stuff) to my PC? My phone didnt come with a CD to install on my computer and when I plug it in via USB it doesn't recognize it.

    Also, Since my phone isn't recognized by my PC (windows XP), how would I transfer pictures and video from it to save on my PC?

    I read somewhere something up bout backing up via GMAIL, but I looked on the phone and didn't see that option. I do have a GMAIL account though. I just figgured it would be easy like my old BB was, plug it in the PC and drag pics and stuff off it.

    (I droped the phone yesterday while running the dogs through about 10 acres of soccer fields. About had a heart attack when I realized it, luckly found it after an hour of searching) *WHEW!*

  2. Cooper271

    Cooper271 Well-Known Member

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  3. tfek70

    tfek70 Well-Known Member

    If your computer won't recognize your phone, you will want to reinstall your driver. Here's the link: Samsung

    Next, after you plug your phone into your computer, you status bar will indicate that you are connected. If you tap that entry, it will ask if you wish to enable storage. Click enable storage on your phone. On your computer, hold down the windows key and the "e" key at the same time. It will open your windows explorer and should show your phone as a USB storage device, probably drive e:. Now you can transfer files. Remember when you are finished to disable USB storage on your phone and eject your phone properly from on your PC. If you don't, you could really make a mess of things (corrupt data).

    You can export your contacts to you micro SD card by hitting the menu key while in contacts and selecting export. This will create a .vcf file on your card that can be imported in case something happens to your phone. You can also copy the .vcf file to your PC with the method I listed above. You can also use a file manager application like Astro to send files to your PC via e-mail depending on size.
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  4. Renlaan

    Renlaan Active Member

    Thanks guys, you ROCK!
    I did what cooper said about downloading from the samsung site and ran it and didn't have to do anything else. It installed everything and now the phone is recognized and I was able to transfer all 547 pictures to my desktop! I went to burn them to a DVD and my burner shit the bed, so off to Best Buy tonight to get a new one of thoes hahaha.


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