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Phone batter went from 75% to 0% in secondSupport

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  1. guyod

    guyod New Member

    I was scrolling through a list of movies from a app i just downloaded and the screen went black. I could not turn to phone back on. i though it was frozen i tried the power /volume - to reset it and nothing. I tried to plug it in and charge light went on but nothing happened. After 20 mins of being on the charger the phone came to life. Where did all that power go?? the phone is under 30 days old would would you return it. It's charging and working fine now but it bugging me.
    I have proof that i am not crazy look at my battery history
    Motorola atrix HD


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  2. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Welcome to AF, guyod!

    That is extremely curious. It's as if the battery actually crashed.
    Hmmmm, I think I might try to get a new battery from your service provider.
  3. guyod

    guyod New Member

    It has a built in battery. I was a concerned about it but all the iphones went that way.
  4. leeindy

    leeindy New Member

    this literally just happened to me 20 min ago. same exact thing.:mad:
  5. guyod

    guyod New Member

    I still have the phone has not happened again
  6. leeindy

    leeindy New Member

    hopefully it doesnt happen again here either.

    now it was off and on the charger all night and has topped out at 88%. weird.

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