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Phone/battery getting really hotSupport

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  1. xkillswitchx23

    xkillswitchx23 Well-Known Member

    Im not doing anything with my phone its just sitting here charging and i feel it and it it burning hot, i didnt have any apps running in the background i even went and cleared my ram and it only closed 4 apps. This isnt the first time the battery has gotten really hot before. Why does it get so hot?

  2. monmur

    monmur Well-Known Member

    Me too! Happens kinda frequently when I charge the phone (tried different outlets/outlet types), I don't let it "overcharge", no apps running. The phone gets REALLY hot.
  3. nstg8r

    nstg8r Well-Known Member

    I rarely let me phone drop below 70% before plugging it in to charge. This was, it's never being charged for too long and doesn't get too hot.
  4. Cooper271

    Cooper271 Well-Known Member

    It does get really hot... My battery is always burning hot when I charge it.
  5. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member

    Mine is never hot when charging... tell me how much RAM you guys' have free when charging if you may.
  6. monmur

    monmur Well-Known Member

    Generally around 40 MB, give or take a little. I usually go to the new 2.2 stock task manager and at least clear Level 1 RAM a few times a week. My battery got hot before the Froyo update, though. Both from use and charging.
  7. Cooper271

    Cooper271 Well-Known Member

    Mine only gets hot when I flash quite a few things repetitively. Understandable...
  8. Dbltapp

    Dbltapp New Member

    Hey I'm having the same issue with my phone, however, it heats up randomly, while being charged and while using apps. The phone does not get melting hot, rather, too hot for comfort. The other day it actually paused the charging process and stated " charging has been paused because the divice is either too hot or too cold". Neither Verizon nor Samsung actually know what this message means nor the temperature setting on the phone that will trigger this response. Verizon says it's normal for some heat but a safety issue if it's too hot. Samsung has no clue even though it's their product. I've tried replacing batteries and chargers but the problem persists. Hopefully it won't have a meltdown to the point it causes physical harm or property damage.
  9. Cooper271

    Cooper271 Well-Known Member

    If you have Verizon, you're in the wrong section. ;)

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