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  1. quojo

    quojo Member

    at first it would only take about 40 minutes to go from zero to full. Now it takes about 3 hours. Can anyone help with this, its kinda weird, thanks in advance.

  2. mlclm

    mlclm Well-Known Member

    Are you charging it the same way? What are you doing with it while it's charging?
  3. quojo

    quojo Member

    I figured it out, the GPS was searching for a signal, it appears that as long the GPS is on and cannot connect it will search for the satellites draining the battery. I shut GPS off, and got a real quick charging time
  4. Bankswood

    Bankswood Well-Known Member

    Interesting, I never turn off my GPS but it only searches when I enable Navigation.
  5. mlclm

    mlclm Well-Known Member

    As do I. Quojo, you might have a runaway app that's causing the gps issues.

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